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Political Observation

We are now a few days after the conclusion of the Casey Anthony trial.  Everyone has an opinion and is more than willing to express it.  As usual, Bill Maher seems to express it best: If you can look at a crime, where everything points to one answer, and not see it, you are a dumb ass.  If you […]

Getting along

Ginger is showing signs of becoming a valued member of our household.  She actually does very well at recognizing her name.  She will generally (though not always) come when called.  She is getting big. We have tried walking her but when she does not want to do something she shows it in no uncertain terms. […]

Raising a Monster (Part 2)

Until we are satisfied that little Ginger is completely house broken, we have a number of small fences that we can put in doorways. We have used these for dogs that we have had in the past – and they work well. In the case of Ginger – well, not so well. In a very […]

Raising a Monster (Part 1)

So, the question is: have we created a monster?  Yesterday, Ginger was playing with her favorite adult dog, Buddy.  They were running around the yard when Ginger attempted to jump over Buddy.  She is never successful and usually crashes into Buddy’s side – which Buddy ignores.   Well, this time, on the other side of […]

Training the Ginger

We are still training our new dog, “Ginger” what she can and cannot do.  She was born on April 9 of this year and, hence, is not exactly an adult – even in dog years.  She is a very friendly dog, and like most puppies is quite curious. Her friends include absolutely everyone in the […]