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Training the Ginger

Buddy and Ginger (1)

Buddy and Ginger

We are still training our new dog, “Ginger” what she can and cannot do.  She was born on April 9 of this year and, hence, is not exactly an adult – even in dog years.  She is a very friendly dog, and like most puppies is quite curious.

Her friends include absolutely everyone in the human race as well as the three dogs in our cul-de-sac.

Since life is full of choices, we wanted to be sure that Ginger was able to cope.  So far, she knows: “Ginger, come or don’t come”.  She makes her choice and sticks with it.

Another thing she is good at is: “Ginger, don’t pee on the rug unless you want to.”  She handles that pretty well, too.


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