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Shopping at Target

The first lady shopping at Target During the current administration, it hasn’t been uncommon for the President or First Lady to slip out of the White House to run errands or do shopping.  This photo shows Mrs. Obama shopping at a local Target.   For previous presidents and their families, we saw these human interest […]

Touchdown Jesus

There is a statue — or monstrosity — of Jesus in front of the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio.  It was erected in 2004 at a cost of $250,000.  It depicts some Northern European guy who, I guess, is supposed to be Jesus rising out of a pool of water with, of course, his […]

Somali Pirates

A friend just sent me a video of a Russian operation against the Somali pirates. The pirates hijacked a tanker, There were European Union ships in the area but they would not interfere because of the possibility of loss of lives. The Russian Marines however, did interfere – very successfully. The only people who died […]

I’m a Girl and by me that’s only Great!

No, no, not me.  That, of course is from a song sung by Pat Suzuki in Flower Drum Song.  She sings about being a teen-age girl and why she is so happy and so lucky.  I love the song.  I love her lust for life.  It was first sung by her in 1958.  Today it […]

Training a Sheltie

We have a Sheltie, Ginger, who, is 5 months old.  Training her has been and continues to be fun.  There are some frustrations, and lots of joy.  Now, a Sheltie is known to be a rather intelligent breed.  So, what does this mean? It appears to me that everything that we teach her is processed […]

Goodness, how Helpful!

My favorite newspaper, The Washington Post now has an application that works with Facebook.  This app is a news aggregator – similar to Zite, and News360.  It will deliver news from multiple sites (not just The Post) and you read what you want.  Sounds good. OK, you have read the article.  Without pushing any of […]

9/11 – Never Forget

The question in my mind is:  What should I never forget?  I live in a community that lost people in the Pentagon.  The damage and loss of life to the Pentagon was, of course, not as great as the twin towers in New York (184 in the Pentagon, 64 on the plane)  The military very […]