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What a stupid dog!

So, at one time I thought that I had a pretty smart dog, but now I see that I don’t.  She keeps insisting on typing with her nose.  It really does slobber up the keyboard.

Further, she is trying to do two things at the same time but she really can’t get them straight.  She is trying to write a dog’s view of life in France during the revolution.  She is calling it “A Tail of two Cities”.  Now, I ask you, what kind of stupid name is that.  Look at her first sentence, was it the best?  Was it the worst?

Now look what she has on the right screen.  Is that dumb or what?

Well, I will keep working with her.  Oops, it is getting late.  She takes me for a walk in the evening.  She is putting a collar on me now.


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