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Texas Wildfires

Since the beginning of 2011, Texas has been ravaged with wildfires. Their Governor Rick Perry (or should that be Reverend Perry) came up with a sure fire way of putting those fires out.  On the weekend of April 22-24 he called for a weekend of prayer.  He asked people of all faiths to pray on that Easter Weekend for the fires to stop.

On August 6 he asked for another day of prayer and fasting.

As of this weekend (Sept 5) Texas has lost 3.5 MILLION acres to those fires.  The prayers didn’t seem to be working.

My heart does go out to the people of Texas on their losses, but I would submit that the prayers were a waste of time.

Now, Texas is first in the nation in number of Evangelical Protestants (over 5 Million).  With all that brain power (I am SURE that the accumulative IQ of 5 Million Evangelicals is WELL OVER 100), one would think that maybe they are using the wrong god.

I can just imagine someone in Texas praying.  He would say his prayer and would get the answer: “Yo, JC here.  Please stay on the line and keep praying up a storm.  Your prayers are very important to me.  I will answer them shortly.  Currently, your waiting time is 2000 years.”

Now in my case, I have found the secret:  Find a god that is currently out of favor.  I prefer Quezacotl.  He has been out of favor for a long time.  So, his waiting time is very short.  The next thing is that you have to pray for things that common sense tells you will happen.  For example, it is evening here, so I will pray for sunlight tomorrow.  When the sun comes up I will claim that God answered my prayers.

I am a happy camper.  My God loves me.

By the way, for a fire, I might just continue to rely on the fire department.


One comment on “Texas Wildfires

  1. I agree, Ron.

    If I were a victim of the wildfire, I would much rather have a long fire hose than a Bucket o’ Prayers.

    Good post.


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