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Football season is upon us.  I like football.  It fascinates me also because it is one of the many times that a lot of Americans reaffirm their faith in God.  Just like football, God is a serious matter (well, not as serious as football).  When you watch the game you notice that often when someone scores a touchdown, he will point to the heavens.  That is the American way of praying.  Sometimes there is a sincere, “Yo Jesus, you the man.”  It brings tears to my eyes.

Of course, when Jesus favors a team, it means that he disfavors another one.  If that is the case, shouldn’t we look into that disfavored team and find out why.  Did they not pray fervently enough?  Do they pray to the wrong god?  Possibly we need to make an example of them.  Maybe in an effort to win, they sold their sole to satan. I would contend that at the beginning of a game, everyone should be required to stand up (or knell) and pray to their own god in their language of choice – latin, hebrew, aramic, greek.  Or English – after all that is what Jesus wrote the King James bible in.  I guess that if we did something like that, it would sound like a lot of noise.  Hmmmm.


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