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Goodness, how Helpful!

My favorite newspaper, The Washington Post now has an application that works with Facebook.  This app is a news aggregator – similar to Zite, and News360.  It will deliver news from multiple sites (not just The Post) and you read what you want.  Sounds good.

OK, you have read the article.  Without pushing any of those pesky “Like”, “Share”, “Save”, etc. buttons Facebook announces to your friends that you have read an article on, say, President Obama’s new tax proposals, or Next Year’s prospects for the Washington Redskins, etc.

Well, OK, if you feel that your 10,000 friends are all waiting to see what you have read this morning, then this is the app for you – so far.   Now suppose you find an interesting article on “How to get rid of your spouse”, “How to make a dynamite jacket”.  It may have just been your natural intellectual curiosity, but, of course, this new app has no way of knowing that.  It will announce to your friends what you are reading, and will (I guess) depend on your 10,000 buddies to figure out that you really do love your spouse and dynamite jackets look so gauche.

If you feel that you need this app, don’t forget to LOG OUT every time you are through using Facebook.  Don’t allow it to keep you logged in. The app probably has the ability to log ANYTHING you do on your computer.

So, OK, now suppose that you don’t use Facebook but you DO use Google Plus.  Further you are in love with your Google Chrome browser.  I would be a little scared that Google could set the browser to keep you logged in to G+ no matter what you did.  Once you log into Google Mail, Google Reader, etc., you are logged into EVERYTHING Google.

The world is a frightening place.  Your computer IS out to get you.

On a more pleasant note, I found a blog that I think is really cute.  Check it out:




One comment on “Goodness, how Helpful!

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for linking my blog, much appreciated! And I couldn’t agree with you more about how terrifying it is to be socially networked in virtually all aspects of life now. I don’t have Facebook, but that hardly matters anymore! I look forward to following along with your thoughts as we become all the more connected.


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