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Somali Pirates

A friend just sent me a video of a Russian operation against the Somali pirates. The pirates hijacked a tanker, There were European Union ships in the area but they would not interfere because of the possibility of loss of lives. The Russian Marines however, did interfere – very successfully. The only people who died were some people who richly deserved to be removed from the worlds gene pool.

The marines moved the pirates back to their own ship, searched for weapons, and then left the pirate ship after setting it on fire – with the pirates on it.

What is wrong with this? I am afraid that the only thing that I see wrong is the piracy itself. If someone in Somali (or anywhere else) is starving, can’t feed his family, and is caught shoplifting some food, well, I would hope the judge would show some understanding. But when these pirates, almost daily, are willing to take a ship’s crew hostage, sometimes for a few years, for the chance to strike it rich – to become millionaires overnight – somehow I don’t think that anything that we can do to them is as nasty as what they are doing to that crew and to civilization in general. They are slowly but surely strangling the world. They are forcing us to curtail trade because of the higher insurance rates that the shippers have to pay. They are forcing up world prices.

They are pulling civilization back into the 18th century. The 18th century punishment for piracy was at the disgression of the captain of the ship(s) that freed the pirated ship. Even by today’s standards, the Russians did nothing wrong.

I also like the fact that videos were taken. It would serve no purpose if the pirates simply disappeared. Other would-be pirates need to see what could be in store for them.

Bravo, Russian Marines!

(The video is in Russian but it is understandable what is happening)



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