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Shopping at Target

The first lady shopping at Target

During the current administration, it hasn’t been uncommon for the President or First Lady to slip out of the White House to run errands or do shopping.  This photo shows Mrs. Obama shopping at a local Target.   For previous presidents and their families, we saw these human interest photos, but they were  typically taken at the local Neiman-Marcus.  The picture could have been staged, but Mrs. Obama has been seen shopping at Target a lot.  She, as well as her daughters, have been seen wearing clothes that were probably bought at Target.  One would assume the First Dog eats the dog food that she buys at Target.

We Americans have developed the habit of electing people who don’t know how many houses they have,  are in the pockets of the insurance, health care, or banking industry, or buy baseball teams with daddy’s money.  These people are not exactly self made and one wonders how much they really understand the average American.  It looks to me that we are trying to create a royal class in the US.  They (the royal class) have rewarded themselves for their “hard work” by lowering THEIR taxes and refusing to pay THEIR share to keep our country running.

We should always understand that a lot of people shop at Target, or Walmart  because that is the only choice they have.  If they lose their job, they will probably also lose their health care.  I applaud Mrs. Obama for what she is doing.  I wish that more of our leaders would continue to rub shoulders with the “common man” to better understand who we are and what we need.

I hope that the health care overhaul is adequate to take care of the Target and Walmart shoppers but I fear that it is not.  I am afraid that I must fault The President and the spineless Democratic Party for trying too hard to strike a deal with American Royalty — Gods Own Party (GOP).  I am afraid that by trying to be civil in the face of people who really don’t care about you and me, they have fatally flawed the system.

Well, that is what The Royalty and their low information enablers wanted, wasn’t it?



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