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Curry Todd

I have never met Tennessee State Representative Curry Todd.  From his web site, however, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the salt of the earth.  He is an asset to mankind.  A pillar of the community.  Some of his community involvement includes (from his web site):

Shelby County Conservative Republican Club, East Shelby County Republican Club,University of Memphis, Society Inc. Board of Directors, Collierville Republican Club, etc.

All in all, his website lists 18 organizations that he lists as being a member.  Indeed, an upstanding member of the community.

In 2009 Representative Todd was the sponsor of the guns-in-bars legislation passed in Tennessee in 2009.

According to Rep. Todd, in 2009:

drinking with your gun is something that no responsible handgun owner would ever do. In fact, it is prohibited under the Tennessee guns-in-bars law. The law “was only to let law-abiding (sober) citizens carry their licensed weapons into family restaurants to protect all the patrons against any would-be robbers or other armed assailants.”   He accused the news media of sensationalism for reporting that his guns-in-bars law would allow “guns in bars(!)”

In October 2011 Representative Todd added a 19th group that he is a member of:  JAILBIRD.

In early October Mr. Todd was jailed and charged with drunken driving and possession of a .38 calibre pistol, loaded with 5 rounds.  Good going Mr. Todd.  You are a real example for the NRA and the people of Tennessee.


One comment on “Curry Todd

  1. Most gun nuts never served a day in the military. I wonder why? And now they have something macho to prove so they all walk around carrying guns and joining the NRA. Is this Curry Todd a veteran? Another gun nut is Dick Cheney, a professional draft dodger during the Vietnam War. Today he wraps himself in the American flag to appear patriotic and loves to see himself in photos carrying a gun or mouthing off about defending America. Where was he when he was young and America needed him? Gun totting Dick Chaney was too busy avoiding the military draft.

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