Topeka, what are you thinking?

Topeka is the capitol city of Kansas.  Now, Kansas has produced such world notables as Walter Chrysler, Amelia Earhart, Stan Kenton, William Allen White, etc.  The list goes on, and it is actually quite long.  So we know that Kansans are capable of great things.  Unfortunately, Kansans are capable of some really stupid things as well.

The Topeka city government has decided to play politics with the lives of domestic violence survivors.  Dozens of accused domestic batterers have been released since early September because no one was prosecuting them.  The Shawnee County District Attorney has decided that he will no longer prosecute domestic battery because of 2012 budget cuts.

So, the DA has decided that the city of Topeka should prosecute these crimes.  However, the city is strapped for cash, too.  So, what did they do?  They repealed the part of the city code that makes domestic battery illegal!  This is impressive: eliminate domestic battery by making in legal!  Lots of city governments all over the country are thinking, “Wow, such innovative thinking, why didn’t WE think of that!

Surely the people of Topeka are embarrassed!

This is a lesson in what happens when cuts in spending takes absolute precedence over everything else.  The people of Kansas are in the forefront of the smaller government movement, but things like this are just what happens.  They could and should raise taxes and take care of their responsibility.

Seriously, Topeka city government, WHAT WERE YOU THINKINGHuman life is more important than ideology!


4 comments on “Topeka, what are you thinking?

  1. Hi Ron!

    My friend, Jessica, works at the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence here in Topeka and has been telling me all about this and the latest news. They put out this press release a while back http://www.kcsdv.org/pr11dv12.html but wishes they could say more!
    We already have so much crime in Topeka, it makes me want to move!

  2. Ron
    As extremists in idiolog, political, social or religous are allowed in any society, humanity suffers, and takes a step backword.
    I would suggest to Topeka to become part of Saudi Arabia.

  3. maybe the city officials were confused by what O.C. and Rehoboth Bch did by decriminalizing open container violations by making it a civil offense- makes sense not to clog up court dockets with such minor offenses that shouldn’t be criminal to begin with . . . domestic violence obviously does not fall into the same “infraction” category as our penal codes define that term . . . however, the issue is at what point the slippery slope begins- seems like Topeka decided to just toboggan down the slope with all the abusers

  4. Topeka, Kansas, Only in America! —If Topeka were a country Washington would soon pay them a visit and “make them an offer they couldn’t refuse.”

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