Moammar Gadafi

Once upon a time, Winston Churchill made the comment that, “Democracy is the worst form of government — except for all the others”.  That must have been a custom made statement for President Obama.

In domestic affairs, his administration is not accomplishing anywhere near what the American people had hoped for.  It is rather clear why.  Initially, his leadership really wasn’t strong enough.  Now, he has a House of Representatives in which a large number of people refuse to allow the administration to accomplish anything.  In the Senate, apparently it takes 60 votes to get anything done.  Silly me, I always thought it was a simple majority (51).

In foreign affairs our president has become dynamite!  The Republicans have mockingly accused him of “leading from behind”.  Is that supposed to be bad?  The US and its allies got rid of one of the most despicable characters on the planet, Moammar Gaddafi, at a loss of exactly 0 (yes, that is a ZERO) American lives.  We were involved in a shooting war that resulted in no lives lost for the USA.  You can’t beat that!

When our president discussed Libya with our allies, he made it quite clear as to what we would do and what we wouldn’t do.  He insisted that our allies be a major part of the operation.  He insisted that we would not take it over.  This clearly was well though out by the administration and President Obama deserves a lot of credit.

What did we do?  Well, a US Military Africa Command spokeswoman said that the US military has flown a total of 7,725 sorties of which 1,825 were bombing missions.  We provided intelligence, aerial refueling, electronic countermeasures, anti-aircraft suppression etc. for ourselves and our allies.  We did the things that we do better than anyone else on the planet! 

Let’s go back a few more months and look at the Osama Ben Laden takedown.  A mission like this is fraught with danger.  As I understand it, the people planning the raid had at least 5 separate meetings with The President.  In each case (but, presumably the last one) The President found things that he didn’t like — and sent his generals back to the pentagon to think it out again.  One has to wonder if other leaders from our past would have had the intellect to have been able to catch flaws in the operation.

The far-right wing of the Republicans, such as Michelle Bachman, who has already made it clear that she has no idea where Libya is, has been claiming that our president is weak but, hopefully, the electorate at large is not buying it.

By the way, according to the administration, our troops are leaving Iraq by the end of this year — leaving a country that they never should have been in. 

So, did General Eisenhower lead from behind?  Did General McArther lead from behind?

A leader is a leader, no matter where he leads from.


2 comments on “Moammar Gadafi

  1. Winston Churchill was right, “Democracy is the worst form of government — except for all the others”., but he left out that democracy works with the lowest common denominator, so we should not surprised that an ignoramus like Michelle Bachman and the rest of the GOP are giving Obama such a hard time. This is why at the beginning of our democracy our Forefathers worry a lot about this new form of government., so to sort of fix things they decided that “We the People…” meant “white men who own land” which implied some level of achievement and education. Today, however, the meaning of “We the People…” has been changed to a populist definition where someone like Michelle Backman who doesn’t even know where Libya is, can actually run for office and make it to Congress.

  2. Yes, we are leaving a country that we “should have never been in”. I agree on philosophical grounds, unfortunately America has a long track record, a very clear modus operadi (MO) of always invading countries with resources to exploit, and Iraq fits this MO like a glove. Iraq has vast oil reserves and G.W. Bush knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted the oil. Saddam was just an excuse to invade. Today G. W. Bush’s oil buddies, i.e., ExxonMobil, etc, enjoy the largest Iraqi oil contracts in the business. —It was all about the oil.

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