Republican Candidates

First, a disclaimer:  I received a note from a reader who has been very critical of me for always printing such despicable things about Republicans.  It is a valid concern and deserves a reply:
My Reply:  I have never, never written a despicable thing about any Republican.  I simply tell the truth and Republicans think it is despicable.

Jobs – Republican Style

Let’s see now.  I seem to remember that the Republicans were promising a year ago that if they took over the House of Representatives (which they did) they would zero in like a laser beam on jobs creation.  Well, they took over.  So far, all that we have seen is a number of proposals to move our country backward.  They want to repeal health care coverage for roughly 50 million Americans.  They want to get rid of laws, that were recently passed to prevent another financial meltdown.  They want to make it illegal for the government to stop distribution of the listeria-infected cantaloupes that has already killed 25 people.  Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio called the Republican proposals “pro growth”., and the Republicans are calling this BS the “Jobs Through Growth Act”.  What a name!

Paying Attention to the Elected

I know that it often seems that our votes don’t matter.  It seems that no matter who you vote for, nothing much changes — or things get worse.  Well, what has been changing has been our tax structure.  It has been continually (and covertly) changing since the Reagan years — a change in the law here, a change in the law there.  All in all our laws regulating Wall Street have changed significantly.  There is now such an imbalance in wealth in the US that it is now evident that something was going on behind our backs.  We really should have been paying more attention to who we vote for, and once they get into office we need to be paying attention to what they were doing. Benjamin Franklin commented on our constitution in 1789 that we “have a democracy if we can keep it”.  Lately we have been giving it away!  We have been giving it away to some very wealthy people who seem to feel that they are entitled. The mess that we have now is our own fault.  Topping it off, we elected George Bush.

I believe that the changes that he made and the changes that he allowed to happen were so significant that they profoundly changed the direction of the US for decades to come.   The actions of the Bush administration was an outrage both for what he and the Republicans did to our economy — as well as the world economy.  He did irreparable damage to our moral standing throughout the world — through his presidential-approved torture as well as the invasion of a country that did no harm to us.  Mr. Bush got over 4000 Americans killed as well as approximately 500,000 Iraqis.  His war cost us more than World War II in inflation adjusted dollars. He distributed the surplus that the Clinton Administration had accumulated to the wealthiest of us, instead of trying to begin the repairs on our infrastructure, fix social security, etc.  He cut taxes when they should have been raised.

The Current Issues

Now, the people who got us into this mess are claiming that they know just how to get us out of it.  I know that it is probably silly, but I am just a bit skeptical.  A few of the current crop of Republicans are potentially worse than Bush.  They are not merely stupid they are absolute theocrats.  Trusting in some super-natural being is not going to get us out of this.

Is it legal for an elected official to turn his powers
over to an unelected non-citizen of questionable
parentage and no birth certificate?

When the current crop of Republicans are not out-doing each other to determine who the best Christian is, they are harping on immigration, yet immigration does not divide them.

Immigration is not a big issue with most of the Republican candidates or most Republican voters.  This month, CBS News asked respondents to name the most important problem facing this country today.  Less than 2% came up with “illegal immigration”.  Fox news put it at 3%.  The reason for this is that border enforcement vastly improved under George W. Bush and then made a further leap under Barack Obama.  We are now catching and deporting more illegals by a very large margin than we ever have before.  Both presidents deserve credit for this.

Wall Street

It is amusing to me that a number of conservative bloggers have recently pointed to anti-semitic incidents  at the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests.  The reason that they are doing this is not their love of the people who still follow the religion that Jesus followed, they are simply doing anything that will discredit OWS.  I think it was Fox that released a video that shows a homeless person carrying a sign with a number of anti-semitic statements.  This particular person is there all the time — demonstration or not.  He is a living landmark.  Some of the demonstrators did try to get him removed but the police said (correctly, I believe) that the OWS demonstrators had a right to be where they were, and so did the sign-carrying homeless man.

A spokesman for the Democratic Party, Jesse Ferguson said, “Republicans are casually throwing around discredited accusations of anti-semitism in an attempt to distract from the fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans who are rightfully angry about Republican economic policies that led to lower home values and incomes, fewer jobs, and weaker retirement savings.

OWS – Stay Strong!


2 comments on “Republican Candidates

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  2. Ron , well said. —-On the philosophical side I would say that America is made out of the good, the bad, and the ugly., and Republicans represent the bad and the ugly in America. Republicans are the ones who see nothing wrong with cutting the budget and throwing the sick, the helpless and the poor on the streets. Republicans are the ones who are always orchestrating the invasion of other countries to grab their resources, usually oil, under the disguise of protecting “National Security”. —Well, it is what it is and Republicans will always be part of the American family whether we like it or not, and like the saying goes, “You can pick your friends, but you cannot pick your relatives”, so we are stuck. I always have this fantasy that if I came across a Republican having a heart attack, I would demand cash in advance before administering CPR., but knowing myself I would still save his sorry life without the money. I guess that makes me a Democrat.

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