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“Our” Elected Officials

I used to think that our Senators and Representatives, you know, the ones that we elected, actually represented us.  Silly me.  Right now, we to have two political parties.  One of them clearly and unapologetically represents the ultra wealthy, and the other one represents, well, I am not too sure who they think they represent.  […]

Sinning, Penn State, and Joe Paterno

It is amazing to me that, no matter where you were brought up, no matter what religion, we all seem to have a pretty good idea what sinning is. Most of us can distinguish between simply making a mistake and doing something that is so outrageous that it will be remembered even after we have […]

Rick Perry vs. George W. Bush

Rick Perry seems to be on his way out after his most recent debate blunder as well as lots of other debate blunders but, given that the Republicans really don’t want Mitt Romney, and Herman Cain seems to have some trouble keeping his hormones in check, it may be that they will look at Perry […]

Occupying Wall Street

When Occupy Wall Street (OWS) started last month, a wide variety of news outlets complained that the protesters would not accomplish anything because they did not have clear goals.  It now appears that the resulting OWS Movement has scored at least one victory: successfully re-framing media coverage onto the jobs crisis and real economy rather […]

The Cain Tax Proposal

Two of the Republican candidates, Rick Perry and Herman Cain have put forth their proposal to change our tax system. They are proposing a “flat tax” as the solution to our economic problems.  It amazes me to think that there are probably people who think that these proposals are good ideas. After all, it isn’t […]

Herman Cain

One of the front-running Republican candidates is Herman Cain. If, for some strange reason, I had to vote for a Republican, he is near the top (yes, I know, really sad state of affairs). I am really troubled, however, by his attempted coverup of something that, unless I miss my guess, would be fairly insignificant, […]