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Herman Cain

One of the front-running Republican candidates is Herman Cain. If, for some strange reason, I had to vote for a Republican, he is near the top (yes, I know, really sad state of affairs). I am really troubled, however, by his attempted coverup of something that, unless I miss my guess, would be fairly insignificant, if he would come out with the whole story — all the dirty laundry — at one time.

According to the press, he said inappropriate things to two ladies when he was in the National Restaurant Association from 1996 to 1999. Nothing apparently came of it. The ladies threatened action, were given a settlement, and that was the end. If he truly didn’t remember why it was that a harassment suit was made (as he said at one point), I would think that he would quickly get one of his aides to get all the facts and report back ASAP. He knows very well that the press will find out the story (that IS their job, after all). It should come from Cain first. Let it air out and be forgotten. Unless something outrageous did happen, the story will be over in two days or so.

He claims that he turned the entire harassment accusation over to human resources. Unfortunately, the person who was head of human resources at the time said that she was not aware of any allegations about Cain’s behavior. So, did he privately settle with the women?  If both sides are OK with that, then I guess that it may be none of our business.

More than stonewalling, he is clearly lying. Cain first stated that he was “unaware” of any payments made. Then he was aware that there might have been a 3-month severance pay given. He made claims that this all might have something to do with his race. Hmmm, I seem to recall that there was a little sexual harassment incident when Bill Clinton was president. Was that because of his race too? Oh, I get it: they are both members of the human race.

Come on Mr. Cain, we have better things to do than listen to this day after day. Whatever you did may be embarrassing but it would be better for you to clear it up, rather than have the press release a little bit every day from now until election time. If that happens, there goes your campaign. You are toast!

I, for one, would like to hear more about your 9-9-9, screw the middle class, plan.  


One comment on “Herman Cain

  1. Cain is finished. He is damaged goods and he knows it. The issue for Cain now is how to end the race gracefully.

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