Rick Perry vs. George W. Bush

Rick Perry seems to be on his way out after his most recent debate blunder as well as lots of other debate blunders but, given that the Republicans really don’t want Mitt Romney, and Herman Cain seems to have some trouble keeping his hormones in check, it may be that they will look at Perry again.  So, since Perry and Bush have both been Texas governors, are both right wing Republicans, both quite religious, would it be possible to get a glimpse on how a President Perry (shudder!)  would run our country?  Let’s see.

We tend to forget this, but in 2002 Bush really did acknowledge the importance of protecting the environment.  He even recognized the existence of global warming.  He came out in favor of a cap-and-trade plan for reducing emissions.

Now, Perry, has always declared that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by scientists greedy for money.  The Washington Post fact checker column gave him the equivalent of a “first class liar” award — which they almost never give out.  Of course, for Perry that is probably a badge of honor.

Bush is famous for some of his bazaar statements, especially the rather rash “Mission Accomplished” hanging on an aircraft carrier.  Perry is the same.  He made the statement that Ben Bernanke would be committing “treason” by attempting to stimulate the economy.  The only definitions of “treason” that I know are: (1.) the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign, or (2.) a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state, and, finally (3.) the betrayal of a trust or confidence.  So, now, where does Bernanke fit in to this definition?  Surely Bernanke cannot be accused of treason by simply doing the job for which the President and Congress hired him to do.

There are other similarities between George W. Bush and Rick Perry.  They, of course, were both Governors of Texas.  Perry spends a lot of time talking about how his home state is superior to all the others.  He does share Bush’s disdain for knowledge, or thinking before opening his mouth.

There are differences.  Bush talked about being a healer, not a divider.  He reached out to minorities.  He called himself a “compassionate conservative”.  We remember Bush as very religious but he did a lot behind closed doors.  According to Shaun Casey, professor of Christian Ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary, there were no photo-ops, no press releases saying, “I met reverend XYZ today”.  He did everything through intermediaries — so there was no public trail of his reaching out.  With Perry, on the other hand, he meets with a lot of people that could cause him a lot of trouble later on.  They are extremely fringe characters.  Bush wasn’t shy about his affection for Jesus but he actually did make an attempt to show respect for other religions — both Jewish as well as Muslim — and even atheists.

Perry is an absolute cross-bearing member of the religious right.  He attends a 3,000 member evangelical church, and has no trouble calling all Americans to pray for rain — with a straight face.  By the way, it didn’t work.

If Bush and Perry had the same parents, Bush would be known as the genius of the two.  Frightening, isn’t it?  As governor, Bush worked with Conservative Democrats as well as Republicans.  Perry, on the other hand, was always dismissive of Democrats as well as moderate Republicans.  He took Texas schools — arguably some of the nation’s worst — and cut $4 billion from them.  Perry is quite happy with the Tea Party types, while Bush is more comfortable with the Country Club set.  Perry is a hard man.  He is the kind of politician who would rather be feared than respected.  Bush fooled America into thinking that he was a uniter.  There is no way that Perry could ever do that.

In keeping with the Republican ethos, they are interested in the lives of a child (not the mother) from the moment of conception until the baby leaves the mother’s womb.  From that point on, of course, the baby is on its own.  Texas has held 234 executions during the two terms of Rick Perry.  That is more than the next two states have had in the last 35 years!  In this particular area, George W. Bush was the champion.  Bush “only” presided over the executions of 155 people but he was governor for only 5 years.  So, Perry allowed the executions of 21 people per year while Bush allowed 30 per year.  Whether or not one is in favor of the death penalty it is good to know, at least, that the guilty party was executed.  In Texas there are continual questions about inadequate or poor legal representation.  Both Perry and Bush really didn’t show any interest as to whether a fair trial was held or if the party was really guilty.

Rick Perry is not a George W. Bush clone.  He is further to the right, far more religious, and much more ruthless.  If you think that the last Texan did not serve America very well — just wait!


2 comments on “Rick Perry vs. George W. Bush

  1. Well…., What can we expect from a GOP party who thinks the earth is flat? Obviously, G. W. Bush and Gov Perry are both the product of a dismal educational system. Bush actually believes that the Executive branch, not Congress, has the power to pass laws. Where did he go to school? Russia?? And Gov. Perry, he makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. If this is the best the Republican party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, has to offer, then America is indeed a country in decline.

  2. Unfortunately, as one who was gob-smacked when the US voting public chose to return George W Bush to office after he had made a pig’s ear of his first four years, I would have to say it is not just the stupidity of the Republican chosen candidates you have to worry about. The voting public isnt exactly in line for a Nobel prize either.

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