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The White House Christmas Card

2002 GW Bush Christmas Card I really should ignore this but Sarah Palin — patron saint of dimwits is really annoying.  The problem is that she gets a rather large forum, Fox News, to say what is on her mind.  Now personally, I think that she could pour out her entire mind in a thimble.  […]

We’re disturbing and smug!

  A friend sent me an interesting article from the Opinion page of “The Independent”, a British newspaper.  It was written by Mark Steel.  If you want to see the complete article, go to: You’ll find it. Mark states that the only thing as disturbing as the religious is the modern atheist.  He goes […]

Christmas Homily

Just before Christmas each year, the Pope gives his Christmas Eve homily.  It is rather short and is on the web.  You can find it if you want, just do a Google search on “Christmas Eve Homily”.  I read it. There are a number of things that I might take issue with, but the most […]

Yet More things to Think About

I mentioned what I thought about our political system starting on Monday, December 19.  I felt that our federal representatives did not represent us anymore.  Instead, with few exceptions they seem to represent the highest bidder. On the 21st, I talked about SOPA – the censoring of the internet.  On the 22 I mentioned the […]

Does an Atheist Enjoy Christmas

You bet we do.  If Christmas were suddenly abolished I truly believe that we would have to find something to replace it.  I think that if I had been brought up as a Christian and then lost my faith I might feel some guilt if I continued to celebrate Christmas for the feasting or the […]

Night before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the Senate the right held up our health care bill, no matter what was in it. The people had voted a mandated reform but Republicans blew off the gathering storm. “We’ll clog up the Senate,” they cried with a grin. “and in the midterm elections, we’ll […]

Even more things to think about for the New Year

I think that we have just gotten a wake-up call and are too deaf to hear it.  Is this possible?  I think so.  As you know, the Iranians just captured one of our multi-billion dollar spy drones.  It didn’t crash in Iran.  It landed.  Perfectly!  They have it completely intact.  They are examining it. They […]