Rick Perry Defines Himself

RIck Perry and Heath LedgerRick and Heath, together

I never thought that I would be recommending a commercial for a Republican but here it is, hell hath freezed over.  Go to:


…and do it quick before an adult looks at it and decided that it should be removed.  First of all, on a light note, notice that Rick Perry is wearing the same jacket that the late Heath Ledger wore in the gay classic – Brokeback Mountain.  What is that all about?

A demigod is someone who has nothing to contribute to society.  He attempts to make himself look good by tearing down others.  Rick Perry is a world-class example of a demigod.

So according to Perry’s video, he is going to end Gays serving in the military as well as Obama’s war on religion.  What war?  President Obama as chief of the executive branch of the government is charged with enforcing our laws.  That is, after all, the oath that he makes when he was sworn in on January 20, 2008..

Since Gays are currently serving legally and openly in our military as well as all the military services in NATO (except Turkey) as well as the Israeli military he is planning on making America look pretty stupid and bigoted.

Rick Perry may not fully understand it, but the fact is that he is running for president, not dictator.  He has attempted to link Romney and Gingrich to programs that are not popular with conservatives, and then tell the gullible that he will end them.  This is not possible by any stretch of the imagination.  He would have to get his changes past a congress that will probably say no — or do nothing (which is the same as saying, “No”).  As we have all noticed, inaction is something that our congress is VERY good at.  If he chose to simply not enforce the law, he would be in conflict with the Supreme Court.  No matter what the political leanings of the Supreme Court is, they would likely tell a President Perry that he cannot simply chose to NOT enforce laws that he doesn’t like.  Obamacare IS A LAW!

Rick is not only weak politically, he is also weak in knowledge of the government.  In his speeches he refers to the voting age as being 21.  Actually Rick, it is 18.  He refers to departments of the government that he would shut down – but, when pressed, could not name them all.  He blasted the Supreme Court as “eight unelected and frankly unaccountable judges”.  Eight?  Eight???  Actually, Rick, there are nine – and they can be impeached.  Perry was discussing his efforts in the “New Hampshire caucuses”.  Actually, Rick, they are called PRIMARIES.  Now he has declared war on Gays.  You know very well that in another era it would war on Jews, war on Blacks, war on Catholics, etc., I could go on, but it sickens me to think that there are Americans who take this demigod seriously.

With his latest political ad, he becomes more of a joke.  Perry is up there with Palin, Bachman, Bush, and Cain as a national embarrassment.

I can remember when the Republican party used to be a genuine political party.  Now it is just a party of god, hatred, intolerance, and stupidity.  The health care plan that has been passed by congress was a plan that Gingrich was in favor of during his tenure in the House of Representatives.  It is a plan that Mitt Romney successfully passed when he was the Governor of Massachusetts.  Now, the war cry is “repeal and replace”.  Replace with what?  The silence is deafening.

Perry can keep running.  Why?  He has received huge sums of money from the oil industry.  He is their boy.  They own him and he has no principles — nor brains.  Remember when he said that he jogs every morning with a loaded gun and no safety?  I hope he doesn’t trip and fall.  He would sound a little strange if his voice suddenly were two octaves higher!  I wonder if there is any such thing as an emergency sex change operation.

Well, I think that I will stop right here.  Have I given you the impression that I don’t like him much?

On a lighter note, did you know that there will not be a Nativity Scene in the United States Capitol this Christmas season.  This isn’t for any religious or legal reasons.  The FBI has not been able to find three wise men in Washington DC.  That is bad, but on the good-news side, there were enough asses to fill the stable.


2 comments on “Rick Perry Defines Himself

  1. He’s definitely in the same kindergarten class as Palin, Bachmann, and Cain, but at least their followers become even more steadfast in their support when one of them says something incredibly stupid.

  2. America is made out of the good, the bad and the ugly. Perry is just pandering to the worse America has to offer, the right wing conservatives. Next Perry will be telling us that we should bring back slavery because the Bible supports slavery.

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