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Yet More things to Think About

I mentioned what I thought about our political system starting on Monday, December 19.  I felt that our federal representatives did not represent us anymore.  Instead, with few exceptions they seem to represent the highest bidder.

On the 21st, I talked about SOPA – the censoring of the internet.  On the 22 I mentioned the fact, many see it, that the students of the world are out-distancing us and how it is affecting our technology.  I wrote about the product of our school system — the current crop of presidential candidates.

We then paused for the Winter Solstice.  Our prayers were answered, the days seem to be getting longer.  God is good!  Yea god.

So what else?  Well there are a number of other things that are bothering me — and, if you are a moral and decent person (I.e., a liberal Democrat) they should bother you, too.

Our elections are a joke.  First of all, we have primaries.  Looking at what is happening this year, we see that the candidates are trying to be, “More Christian than thou”.  They are trying to impress us with how much they would beat up Iran if elected – and, of course, what a wimp President Obama is.  Funny thing, they aren’t mentioning anything about how he had the guts to send in the Seals to get Ben-Laden.  They haven’t mentioned that Obama had the guts to carry on drone attacks in Pakistan when targets presented themselves — even when the Pakistanis told us to stop.  Instead, they have been trying to impress the Republicans how they would have been willing to let the US default on its bonds.  They have been trying to show that Israel’s religious nut cases are good, but the Iranian ones are bad.  I’m not impressed!

Fortunately, I truly believe that they are liars.  Unfortunately, I truly believe that they are liars.  Gads they confuse me.

When it is time to elect a new president (or keep what we have) the Republican, no matter who he/she is will have to do a lot of backtracking.  What should I believe?  Should I believe what they said before the Republican Convention or should I believe what they say after it?

Our infrastructure is collapsing.  If you drove anywhere over the holiday you might just have noticed that.  The highways need repair.  The bridges need to be replaced.  The sewage systems in a lot of our large cities need major repairs.  As global warming continues to get worse, we really need to bury our electrical wiring or it will be typical for cities in the US to have power outages lasting maybe 3-4 weeks at a time as the Northeast had a few weeks ago.  The list goes on.

What do the Republicans propose as a solution?  Cut taxes?  Seriously?  IS THIS A JOKE?

Speaking of “global warming” we need to address that as well.  Even the Chinese are coming around to the belief that we humans are responsible for a lot of the damage that is occurring.  When will we?

The Republican solution:  As best as I can understand it, their game plan is contained in The King James version of the Bible.  This is frightening!

What is our media doing during all of this?  That’s easy, they focus on Michael Jackson’s doctor, as well as Kim Kardashian,  etc.  Faux News goes a bit further.  They simply make up stories, and create their own wars, such as, the War against Christmas.  It seems like it ought to be illegal for them to call themselves a news station.

I saw on the web that a European blogger had written this list about the US:

  • the US political system is one of the most corrupt in the world
  • your politicians represent companies instead of people
  • your government will probably censor the internet
  • your government detains without trial
  • your government tortures people
  • your government hires mercenaries
  • your government does nothing to improve education
  • your president doesn’t have any real influence over what happens
  • your presidential candidates are stupid beyond belief
  • your presidential candidates promote stupidity
  • your presidential candidates are not taking seriously over here
  • your elections are a joke
  • your media outlets cannot be trusted
  • your media outlets focus on distractions instead of main issues
  • your people are fucked when they’re uninsured
  • your infrastructure is collapsing
  • your economy will soon be top 3 instead of #1
  • your economy will probably collapse a second time

As we move toward 2012 this is stuff to ponder.


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