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The White House Christmas Card

2002 GW Bush Christmas Card

I really should ignore this but Sarah Palin — patron saint of dimwits is really annoying.  The problem is that she gets a rather large forum, Fox News, to say what is on her mind.  Now personally, I think that she could pour out her entire mind in a thimble.  She apparently is freaking out because the Obama holiday card doesn’t mention Christmas.  She probably doesn’t know this, but there are other religious groups that celebrate holidays during the Winter Solstice.  This is quite common all over the world.  OK, agreed, this country is predominantly Christian.  So, what did that model of American Christianity, George W Bush, do?   It turns out that he sent “Season’s Greetings” cards out every year.  The pictures on the cards were pretty but really didn’t show much to indicate that it was a Christmas scene.  One year there was a nice photo of a piano in the White House.  It is a nice picture but doesn’t show much in the way of Christmas decorations.  On another year there was a nice photo of GW Bush’s dog in front of the fireplace.

This same thing seemed to hold true with President Clinton, President George H.W. Bush, President Reagan, etc.  Somehow, most people, when they get to be president seem to understand that they are president of all the people. Not just a chosen few.  In our country it is not appropriate to be forcing one’s religious beliefs down the throats of others — and it is not considered an acceptable practice to collect religious data on them.

On December 7, 2005 the Washington Post did an article about the White House Christmas Card.  The Post reporter was told by an official spokesman that, since the White House sends out thousands of cards and not everyone is Christian, and not everyone even has a religion, it makes sense to send a more encompassing card.

I agree with George W. Bush (on that issue, at least).


One comment on “The White House Christmas Card

  1. Sarah Palin, the Queen of Hicks. That says it all. She was also the one who thought that Africa was a country., the ignoramus! My two dogs put together are smarter than she is. If she wants to complain about the White House holiday greeting card not being Christian enough, let her. It only goes to show how ignorant she is.

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