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Liars, Cheaters, Adulterers, Exaggerators, Hypocrites and Ignoramuses

Liars, Cheaters, Adulterers, Exaggerators, Hypocrites and Ignoramuses

The Republican party has had quite a journey.  It started out as the high minded party of Abe Lincoln.  Slavery was evil and the Republicans were going to end it.  End it they did! The next Republican president was Ulysses S. Grant, the military hero of the Civil War.  He wouldn’t have been considered one […]

Newt the Candidate

Newt the Candidate

Now that the Republican campaigning has gone down to Florida, there is increasing talk about what the contenders would do to Cuba.  First of all, I would point out that Cuba is not doing anything to us.  Yes, it is true that some Americans have been arrested for spying for Cuba and, I would presume […]

Jim’s Mom

On January 18,  my friend Jim lost his mother.  Mildred was almost 103.  During her lifetime, she actually saw 40% of the history of the United States.  She was born 6-years after the first flight of the Wright brothers.  In her childhood, people who fought in the Civil War were simply elderly war veterans.  As […]

Would George Washington be a Viable Candidate for the Republicans

Newt Gingrich says that he could not vote for an atheist because they would lack the moral grounding to guide America.  Well, we certainly don’t want a morally ungrounded person to be navigating our ship of state.  Now Newt, is a paragon of moral behavior — as we know. Well, what about George Washington?  Nominally, […]

The Right Wing and the demise of American Factories

When you are dealing with your fellow human being, it is sometimes difficult but very necessary to be careful of stereotypes, eg. Jews are ……, African Americans are……, Catholics are ….., and, yes, we minorities have some special stereotypes reserved for you white, Anglo Saxon Protestants.  In general, I would say that it is best […]

Some Thoughts on Religion

So, here it is, Sunday.  There is a little bit of snow on the ground here in Maryland, but I understand that in parts of the country it is very cold and snowy.  I know that some of you plan on religious services today.  Maybe I can be of help.  Although I am a grownup […]

SOPA again

This is impressive.  In December we saw amazing cooperation between Republicans and Democrats.  Have out politicians finally decided to work for the good of the country? Well, no.  What happened was that money spoke.  When money speaks, congress listens. The movie industry supports a lot of elected officials.  A while back I wrote about the […]