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Campaign Lunacy

Rick SantorumLast week, Rick Santorum made the comment with a straight face that President Obama has “sided with our enemies.”  He also accused the president of engaging in “absolutely un-American activities.”  What exactly did our President do that was so egregious.  Well, Santorum didn’t say.

A writer for The New Yorker, George Packer made an excellent observation about the way in which these allegations were covered:

Several things are worth noting here. The first is that, in today’s Republican politics, one reliable way to reach beyond the Christian base is by whipping up nationalistic hysteria with language lifted straight from the McCarthy era. If criminalizing all abortions and nullifying all gay marriages are a little too sectarian for you, surely you’d like to try some old-fashioned traitor-hunting. (Santorum has also accused Obama of “sid[ing] with evil” in Iran, a country with which he plainly wants to go to war.)

[T]his kind of gutter rhetoric is so routine in the Republican campaign that it’s not worth a political journalist’s time to point it out. In 2008, when Michele Bachmann suggested that Barack Obama and an unknown number of her colleagues in Congress were anti-American, there was a flurry of criticism; three years later, when a surging Presidential candidate states it flatly about a sitting President, there’s no response at all.

How many times can you say that the Republican Party has descended into unreality and extremism before you lose your viewers and readers?

Read more:   http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/comment/2012/01/santorum-and-the-republicans.html#ixzz1io8NhPDY

Gods Own Party (GOP) and their allies have no qualms about using labels like “socialist”, “communist”, and “fascist” without any regard for what the words mean.  After a while, sane people just roll their eyes.  There they go again, accusing Americans that they don’t like of sedition, disloyalty, national betrayal.  I would ask you, dear reader, who are the people who are really betraying our nation and its constitution?

Mitt Romney seems like a decent middle-of-the-road guy and will probably get the nomination.  He is definitely in the 1%.  What’s not to like?  But look at his approval ratings among Republicans!  They clearly don’t like him.  The sad thing is that he is not going to be able to suddenly clear the air of all of the toxicity left behind by the Republicans and return to being a cautious centrist.  His party won’t let him.  I would suggest to any of the electorate that no matter how you think Obama has done, be careful what you wish for (or who you vote for!)

After watching our relatively bloodless victory over the Soviet Union it is very sad to see the Republicans and their clueless enablers try to drag us into 3rd world nation status by their attack on science and education, by their smear tactics, by their name calling, by their 18th century economics, by their drive to teach religious lunacy in our schools, by their… well, you get the idea.

Shame on you, Republicans.  You were the party of Abe Lincoln fighting to eliminate slavery and preserve the union.  You were the party of  Teddy Roosevelt — trust busting, fighting for the common man, preserve the environment.  Now Republicans, what are you?  Is the 1% all you care about?


One comment on “Campaign Lunacy

  1. If Eisenhower and Abraham Lincoln were alive today they would not recognize the Republican Party. What happened to the GOP? What went wrong?? Today the the GOP has become the party of extreme right wingers and bigots where Nazis actually feel very welcome. Hopefully the upcoming November election will prove to the world that America is lot better than the ignorant rednecks and hicks found in the Republican Party.

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