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Liars, Cheaters, Adulterers, Exaggerators, Hypocrites and Ignoramuses

The Republican party has had quite a journey.  It started out as the high minded party of Abe Lincoln.  Slavery was evil and the Republicans were going to end it.  End it they did!

The next Republican president was Ulysses S. Grant, the military hero of the Civil War.  He wouldn’t have been considered one of our better presidents but he was honest as can be.  His failing was that he trusted the people that he surrounded himself with to be as good a person as he was.  They weren’t.

There were others of note.  Teddy Roosevelt had been at one time in his life a Sunday school teacher, yet he believed so strongly in the separation of Church and State that he refused to swear on the bible.  When the $20.00 gold coin was designed he would not sign off on it until “In God We Trust” was removed.  Congress overrode him and passed legislation requiring “In God We Trust” to be placed on all coins.

Teddy Roosevelt was the first American to win the Nobel Prize.  He was such a great multi-tasker that he often would use two secretaries at the same time — dictating separate letters and memos to each, while reading a book.  It may have been unseemly for a president, but he was seen many times going skinny-dipping in the Potomac River during the wintertime.  Sorry, no pictures!  This is a “G” rated blog.

There were more Republicans, such as Dwight Eisenhower, very deserving of any honor that this country could bestow.  They were politicians, They were military men.  They were business men.  They did their best — and their best was really pretty good!

Who are their political descendants?  “The Republican party has degenerated to a club of liars, cheaters, adulterers, exaggerators, hypocrites and ignoramuses.” “A starting point for a chronicle of American decline,” was how David Remnick, the editor of the New Yorker, described the current Republican party.  Honestly, I think he was being polite.

I would guess that the current crop want to be president to fix our problems.  Well, then, why not talk about our problems?  Why not propose solutions?  They act like they are literally in a parallel universe.  Newt wants a colony on the moon.  I want him to go there!  Is it possible that they don’t have any ideas?  Is it possible that they feel that all they need do is make Obama lose.  If the president fails, we all fail!  The Republicans clearly don’t understand that.

When Gingrich is in Florida, he wants to colonize the moon.  In South Carolina he wants to build a new Interstate Highway (why not fix what we already have?).  Wherever he goes he claims that during the four years that he was speaker of the house, he balanced the budget every time.  During the four years that he was speaker, our national debt went up by 1-trillion dollars!

In 1996 Newt proposed a mandatory death sentence for anyone bringing about 2 ounces of Marijuana into the country.  Now, in the history of the world marijuana has never been directly linked to a single death.  Tobacco, however, is linked to about ½ million deaths every year.  It seems to me that his desire for playing god was a bit misdirected.

Oh, did I forget?  In 1981 he proposed marijuana be legalized?  So, let’s get this straight, he was for it before he was against it.

Now in 2009, from the site DrugWarFacts.org, lack of health insurance was responsible for 44,789 deaths in the US.  In that same year there were 31,224 deaths by firearms in the US.  Common sense tells me that if Newt feels that he has to give capital punishment to SOMEONE, why not have a long talk with our senators and representatives who would deny decent medical care to our citizens and who do not pass reasonable restrictions on guns.

Since Newt has gone on the debate circuit, he has been lecturing gays on the sanctity of marriage.  Now, from high school biology, I have some knowledge of salamanders, and I know that newts of the salamander variety are not as slimy as the newt of the Gingrich variety.

Do you want to know what the world is saying about the Republican primaries?  This is from Der Spiegel Online (Germany): “The US Republican candidates’ debate in Florida quickly devolved into a horror show of absurdities on Thursday night as candidates argued about immigration and moon colonies. Mitt Romney was branded the winner, but the real losers were the viewers, the truth and politics in general.

Here’s more from Der Spiegel, according to Republican candidates: Africa is a country. In Libya, the Taliban reigns. All Muslims (about ¼ of the world’s population) are terrorists; most immigrants are criminal; all Occupy protesters are dirty.  And women who feel sexually harassed — well, they shouldn’t make such a big deal about it.

From other sources: “When did the GOP lose touch with reality?” wonders Bush’s former speechwriter David Frum in New York Magazine. In the New York Times, Kenneth Duberstein, Ronald Reagan’s former chief-of-staff, called this campaign season a “reality show,” while Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan confidante Peggy Noonan referred to the candidates as a “freak-show.”

Pompous and blustering, Gingrich gets away with one humdinger after another, as well as with selling himself as a Washington outsider — despite having made millions of dollars as a lobbyist in Washington.

No matter what one thinks of the Democratic solutions, when debates were going on in 2008 between the Democratic candidates,  Obama, Clinton, Richardson, Dodd, and others, it would be tough to deny that they understood the problems of this country and talked about them directly, they knew about our adversaries and friends overseas and talked intelligently about them.  They talked to us like intelligent adults.  The difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is incredible.

Appalled yet?


One comment on “Liars, Cheaters, Adulterers, Exaggerators, Hypocrites and Ignoramuses

  1. We all have relatives we are not very proud of., and Republicans today represent the ugly side of America we could do without.

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