Jon Stewart Moment

I think that I just witnessed a Jon Stewart moment this morning.  As we all know, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show has been voted the most trusted news source in America.  Sad, but probably true.  He is lucky that he came along when the rules for comedy seem to have changed — or maybe he is the one that changed them!  In the past, comedy depended on exaggeration.  You might see something that“could” be funny but to make it funny, you would probably have to exaggerate a bit.  Not any more.  Now, all you have to do is a re-run of some politicians statement, just sit there, and let it sink in what the buffoon just said!

I was watching “Face the Nation” this morning and Newt Gingrich was being interviewed.  Truly it is refreshing to watch someone who does seem to know what is happening in the world after being so disgusted for so long with the likes of Bachmann, Cain, and Perry.  In any case, he was asked about the happenings in Syria.  He indicated that he didn’t feel that there was need for American forces on the ground, but we should aid the rebels with covert operations — supplying guns, intelligence, etc., getting our allies involved, trying in every way possible to get Assad to move on, etc.

OK, sounds good to me.  Now, isn’t that exactly what we did do in Libya?  I don’t remember the reason anymore but Gingrich criticized President Obama for doing just that.  Further, since Gingrich has no more access to classified information than you our I do, how does he know that we are not covertly providing arms and intelligence support?  As far as getting our allies involved, it is clear that all the Arab nations are acting in a unified manner to get Assad to go away.  Also, clearly, the French, Germans and the British are involved — as well as the United States.  The rebels seem to have plenty of arms.  Presumably they are not being manufactured by rebel factories.  So it would appear to me that we are already doing exactly what Newt thinks we should be doing.

So, what is Newt’s complaint?


5 comments on “Jon Stewart Moment

  1. Republicans complain for the sake of complaining.

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