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The Challenges we Face

Why do we have a constitution?  We the people did it to protect ourselves.  Everything in the constitution was put there to make sure that some tyrant couldn’t create a dictatorship and enslave the population.  It did a really good job for a lot of years.  Unfortunately, we have rules, checks, and balances because of the worst of us.  If every president was going to be more like Obama then maybe we wouldn’t need the constitution that we have.  Unfortunately, there are also people like George W Bush.

We could say that our constitution works because we Americans want it to work.  It depends on an educated population who watches the people they elect, and are quick to vote them out of office when it is no longer desirable to have them.  Our constitution, our form of government will fail when we fail as a people.

I personally wonder how much longer we will last as a nation when, in recent years, we have had people like George W Bush, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, and Herman Cain on the national scene.  These people are absolute clowns — yet one of them became our president, and two of them became governor of Texas.  There were enough Americans who thought that George W Bush was presidential material, and, after absolutely screwing the nation for four years, asked for more.  That doesn’t say much for us as a people, does it?

We have people who are dedicated to dumbing down science education in our schools – and it seems to me that they are fairly successful.  We have a congress composed of too many people who think, “My way or the highway”.  Compromise is not in their vocabulary.  We have a lot of people in pain.  Does our congress care?  Do they even know?  Their job seems to be secure.

It is easy to blame the “religious right” for our predicament.  Indeed it is partially their fault but it is our fault as well for being tolerant of religious excesses.  We have ministers speaking from the pulpit advocating for the candidate with the lowest IQ.  Why are they getting tax breaks!  Why?  Churches can accept public funding yet can still enforce their own bigotry.  If they are accepting funds to, say, teach low income children, the teachers that they hire should be hired on the basis of ability — not religion.

In the past our major enemies have come from the outside: the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor,  We beat them.  The Germans declared war on us.  We beat them.  The Soviets declared an economic war on us.  We beat them.  We were a United States and we fought, with dollars and arms — and won.

Now our enemy is within.  It may very well be that we have never had an enemy quite like this.  They call themselves Evangelical Christians but the use of the name Christian seems somehow wrong.  These are highly religious people, but their god is THE AMERICAN CORPORATION.  Corporation want tax breaks, no problem.  They want tax refunds, no problem.  They want to be able to take money from unsuspecting Americans to invest in bazaar schemes, no problem.  They want to get rid of pesky regulations, no problem.

These are people who are willing to let our pollution destroy us — because Big Corporations says that there is no problem.  These are people whose attitude toward the less fortunate is, “screw em”.  These are people who, rather than discuss, are willing to immediately commit troops.  We saw how well that worked out in Iraq.  These are people who are dedicated to keeping our youth ignorant by teaching mythology instead of science.  What do these evangelicals hope to gain?  I don’t have an answer.  It is hard for me to fathom that they really believe that an imaginary space man up in the clouds is going to reward them for this crap?

There is no question in my mind that the only loyalty they have is to a United States that they hope to create —  a theocracy with some sort of new god, The Corporation  — a few wealthy people and lots of economic slaves.

Now it seems that the evangelicals are stepping up their war on contraceptives.  This is part of their overall war on women.  A women spends some 30 years of her life either trying to get pregnant, or trying to NOT get pregnant.  Contraceptives are a good thing.  So, let’s get rid of them.  Let’s make sure that poor women can’t get abortions.  They don’t seem to understand or don’t want to understand that banning abortions only makes it more dangerous for a poor woman to get an abortion.  The rich will go to Canada or Europe for their abortion.  The poor will go see some quack who is very good with a coat hanger, in a cut-rate motel, and possibly bleed to death.

Representative Steve King (Republican – Iowa) has warned that birth control will make American a dying civilization.  What about a whole bunch of unwanted kids?  That should do wonders for our prison population.  Some Republicans have decried birth control as tantamount to abortion and signed on to legislation that would outlaw it!

Nothing upsets a conservative so much as that pesky first amendment indicating separation of church and state, or the idea of women being able to control their own reproductive health.

From 2000 to 2008 the Republicans have successfully proven that they cannot govern.  They can only destroy.  They tried, and were somewhat successful in damaging the Clinton presidency and they are trying to do the same to President Obama.  That is all they can do.  They are totally bereft of ideas.

When given the chance to govern they made an extreme mess of things for the United States and for the world.  Their social ideas are straight out of Iran, and their economic ideas are straight out of the 18th century, and their ideas of education are straight out of Bevis and Buthead.


One comment on “The Challenges we Face

  1. The danger America faces today is not that the Christian Taliban may take over the government and change the constitution, but that democracy actually allows it. Democracy is not perfect. Democracy works with the lowest common denominator. This is how somebody as dumb as G.W. Bush was able to get to the White House. If America is not careful, democracy may actually destroy the constitution and the freedoms we so much cherish.

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