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Two Busses

Two BussesBefore you read any further, take a look at the two pictures.  Obviously they are not copies of each other.  At most, we could say that one photographer was influenced by the other — a monochrome grey day with one brightly colored object.  We’ve all seen such pictures many times.  Some were carried off very successfully, and some were not.

In this particular case, as the website DPREVIEW.COM reported, the photographer of the top photo sued the photographer of the bottom photo because “the idea was stolen”.  I can’t imagine this happening in the states, but in the United Kingdom the judge ruled that the “intellectual creation” was stolen.

So, I guess that if you are visiting the UK and it is a grey day, you had better leave your camera in your hotel room.  If you ventured out and took your camera and there was a brightly colored object (especially a bus) in the picture you could be in trouble!  This could really put a chill on photographic creativity in the UK.

If you want to read more, just go to:


but you have the basics.


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