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America’s Bigot

“America – The National Catholic Weekly” had a very interesting article on Rick Santorum in the January 12, 2012 issue, written by Raymond A. Schroth.

He contrasts Santorum with John F. Kennedy.

In 1960, JFK proclaimed, in front of an audience of Protestant ministers the primacy of the individual conscience.  It won’t be The Pope who would make the decisions on running the country, it will be and should be the president.  The speech was very good.  Whether he really won over the majority of the Protestant ministers can be debated, but his speech certainly helped him win over the nation.

Since then, and until recently a candidate’s Catholicism has not been an issue, unless a local bishop’s stand on birth control, same-sex marriage, stem-cell research, etc., banned a candidate from communion.

Now, we have Rick Santorum who has constructed his image around an “altar boy” youth, and coming from the coal fields. It is not clear what he means by that.  Both of his parents worked in a hospital.  His father was a psychologist, with an MD degree, and his mother was a nurse.  Santorum is a lawyer and, as far as I know, did not practice law in a coal mine.  There were many other discrepancies in his story, as well.  I won’t go in to them right now.  His problem with the truth is serious but I also have a problem with his belief system.

I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them someone else’s money – said by Rick while campaigning in Iowa.
In Iowa, white welfare recipients outnumber black recipients by nine-to-one.

At a talk delivered at the University of St. Thomas in Houston in 2010, the 50th anniversary of the famous JFK speech he chose to reject the Kennedy vision, accusing Kennedy of constructing a wall that,  “sealed off informed moral wisdom into a realm of national beliefs that have no legitimate role in political discourse”.  Rick goes on to explain the First Amendment, insisting that freedom of religion is not just one of the freedoms, but the one on which freedom of speech, press, and assembly depend.

Really? I don’t think that it would be possible to find a religious-oriented country in which freedom of speech is even tolerated.  When religion takes over, as Christianity has in Uganda recently, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly become out of the question, then freedom of speech goes.  A person can be pro-religion without being absolutely stupid!  We have freedom of speech because our constitution kicked, and kept, religion out of government and, in Europe, the French Revolution did the same.

The issues which challenge all of our consciences have grown.  Any perusal of Rick’s voting record seems to show that Santorum has among the worst voting records in the US Congress on social justice and the family — though Santorum describes himself as “pro family”.  In November 2011 he questioned the value of lower income children qualifying for Medicaid, food stamps, and housing assistance.  “Why do these kids feel they are entitled to so much?”  “Suffering, if you’re a Christian is part of life and it’s not a bad thing.”

Not a bad thing???  Wow, how would you know, Rick?

“Why do they feel that they are entitled …?”  I doubt that anyone asked them if they felt they were entitled.  The reason that the government does anything for them is because there are some decent people in congress (Santorum clearly not being one of them) who feel that these kids deserve a chance.  They are, after all, our future.  If they can succeed, America of the twenty-first century succeeds.  If they fail, we fail.  I guess that is too complicated for Rick to understand.

Pro family?  I guess we all know that phrase is a code for “I hate gays”.

His speeches have indicated that he favors massive tax cuts for the wealthy, wants to abolish public service unions, and denies humans are responsible for climate change.  While the bishops have condemned torture in all its forms, in the televised debates Santorum (good Catholic that he claims to be) endorsed water-boarding and “enhanced interrogation techniques”.  He has long been pro-death penalty (he now claims that he is rethinking that one).

OK, Rick.  I guess that I have a couple of questions:  What is your basis for considering yourself a moral person?  How is it that you even feel that you are fit to walk and talk with decent people?  Do you need to think about that?  No problem, I’ll wait.


One comment on “America’s Bigot

  1. The last thing America needs is the Christian Taliban taking over Washington.

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