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Sick, Really Really Sick!

No question about it, the NRA is color-blind.  They seem to have been inspired by the shooting of Trayvon Martin to introduce a new clothing item.  Now, if you want to wear a hoodie you can have your own built-in holster, ready to kill any “whitey” who might be a racist. NRA you are sick! […]

Middle East Crisis

About a week ago, I touched on the possibility of Israel attacking Iran (“Maybe the Dog will Talk” – March 21, 2012).  Let’s deal with the Middle East crisis a bit more:  Typically we look at the morning paper and read of some Palestinians firing  rockets in to Israel.  Sometimes they kill a few people […]

The Reason Rally

Dr. Richard Dawkins, the world famous evolutionary biologist posed the question, “How have we come to this, where Reason needs a rally to defend it?”   To base your life on reason means to base it on evidence and logic.  Who could be against this? Quite a few, actually.  Does this sound familiar, “I don’t […]

Murder First, Manufacture an Excuse Later

I am sure that most of you have read of the Trayvon Martin murder case.  Well, I would call it murder.  Actually, as best as it can be stitched together, a 17-year old male was walking through a “gated” community carrying the deadly combo of a Skittles bar and some tea.  He can legally do […]

The Maybe the Dog will Talk Doctrine

Richard Cohen is an Opinion Writer for the Washington Post.  He writes a lot about goings-on in the Middle East.  He is Jewish.  He is biased — and he makes no attempt to deny it.  He is what he is.  There are plenty of people these days — mostly on the Left who will be […]

The Bible and Rush Limbaugh

I didn’t have many nice things to say about Rush Limbaugh the last time that I blogged about him.  There must be something nice.  I guess that he can claim to be a devout Christian and was just following his teachings.  There is precedent for this, you know.  In the Nuremberg trials in 1945 when Nazi leaders […]

Hot Air from Fox News

According to an article that I read in the Washington Post on Tuesday, as gas prices go up, President Obama is losing some of his support.  Oddly he he has gotten some of his best support from FOX NEWS.  Here are some of their comments: “No president has control over gas prices” “Politicians cannot raise […]