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When is Lying OK? Just ask Arizona.

If you were pregnant and the doctor informed you that tests showed that your child would have some serious abnormality — and I am talking REALLY serious, is it possible that you would at least consider the possibility of abortion?  Not that you would necessarily do it, but don’t you think that you should be given the truth and nothing but the truth by your doctor so that you could make a rational decision?  As hard as it may be, hopefully you would want and you would get the truth.  You would always expect your doctor to do that.

Well, the Arizona Senate just passed a bill that would prohibit medical malpractice lawsuits agains doctors who withhold information because the doctor might fear that the info would cause the woman to decide on an abortion!  The Arizona Republican lawmaker who sponsored the bill said that she did so because she did not want a claimant to blame a doctor for withholding information and the baby being born with disabilities.

A doctor in the Arizona House was quoted as saying, “I cannot think of a time that it is right to withhold information from a patient that could cause them pain or death.  This is not constant with the Hippocratic Oath.”

According to John Celock of the Huffington Post, the Kansas Legislature is working on a bill that, if passed, may cause the University of Kansas Medical school to lose it’s accreditation.  Their bill will not allow state employees to perform abortions.  This means that the students will not be able learn it at KU.  Unfortunately for these Far RIght looneys, an OB/GYN must be trained in abortions.  If a medical school doesn’t offer it, they cannot be accredited.  One would hope that if the Far Right continues on with their crusade, they would, at least, give KU an exemption if required.

If you are pregnant and are in Pennsylvania, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, or North Carolina, and, possibly, Kansas, you might want to consider moving.  They all have a form of this legislation on the books.  This law allows a doctor to force his political or religious views on unsuspecting women at a very vulnerable time.  Your doctor does not have to be honest with you!  Why bother going to a doctor like that.  It is disgusting and a disgrace.  Unfortunately there seems to be no depths to which the American Far Right Wing will not go to force their shameful agenda on the rest of the country.

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One comment on “When is Lying OK? Just ask Arizona.

  1. America is a very large country and may be America is ready for a split., not the split of the North and the South of the Civil War, but a group of states where common sense rules and another group of states where religious nuts rule. I think we are in complete agreement that we all do not care for each other, so we are ready for a friendly divorce. The split would create two countries, one would be known as The Land Of The Free and the other would be known as The Land Of The Nuts.

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