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On Time Delivery Systems

Some people who ordered the new iPad have received shipping notices with a tracking number already.  I am one of them!  Delivery is supposed to start on the 16th.  If one checks on the UPS tracking number it will tell you that your iPad has been picked up at the Apple factory in Chengdu, China.  I am impressed.

Chengdu, China.  Goodness! I was not aware that those big brown UPS trucks were ocean going.  Even if they took a shortcut through Siberia, they would still have quite a bit of water to navigate.  And think of the UPS driver, with the brown uniforms and short pants driving all that distance to bring me my iPad by Friday.  I am humbled!

The “Big Brown Truck” has got to be one of the best delivery systems in the world.  This gives me an idea on how we could save our government lots of money.  We know that the military is always talking about “delivery systems”.  They call their missiles “delivery systems”.  In this case, of course it delivers a nuclear weapon.  The Navy talks about their Trident subs as being “delivery systems”.  The Air Force is proud of their B-2 Stealth Bomber “delivery system”.  The problem is that these “delivery systems” cost millions of dollars apiece – maybe billions.  If they want delivery systems – why not just use those big brown trucks?  I’ll bet you could get a UPS “delivery system” for less than $100,000 dollars each.  Hence, for the same money, we could buy much more “bang for the buck”.

Think what Mr. Ahmadinejad would say if he suddenly saw all of those delivery systems closing in on Iran.  The only think that I would wonder about is, when the brown truck delivery system driver approached him and said, “Sign here, please”, would Ahmadinejad sign?  If he wouldn’t sign, does that mean that the “package” would be left with a neighbor?


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