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The Tribulation of Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh has been on the radio for a long time.  I can remember that in the 1990s we used to have him on in our lab at work.  Most of the people in my office had views quite to the right of my political views but they were smart people and were able to pick out when he was saying things that were factually incorrect.  It was often — very often.  Sometimes when he was caught on it by a listener or an interviewer he would dismiss it with, “Well, I am an entertainer”.  I guess he did entertain a lot of people — and, when it suited him, he would keep repeating the same dishonest statements.  I always found him disgusting.  It seemed to me that he was attempting to appeal to the most uninformed of the American population.  He was very successful at it.

We all know about his latest comments.  Initially, I was surprised at the fuss that was made.  Limbaugh was just being Limbaugh.  He has done this for years.  What has happened is that more people (hopefully) are recognizing that people like him are contributing in a serious way to the problems that we are facing in government today — the polarization and inability to get anything done.  We are falling behind the rest of the world and some of the blame belongs with Rush Limbaugh and the constant spewing of his hatred, ignorance, and intolerance.  His listeners have elected people who would have no problem with seeing the United States go into bankruptcy.  Basically, they know nothing about our country, nothing about our history, and care about nothing but themselves.  This does not bode well for American Politics and the people of the United States.

Rush’s comments were pretty horrible, but all that Republican candidate Mitt Romney was willing to say was, “Well, that isn’t the way that I would have said it”.  The Far Right hate machine is powerful.  Even a person such as Mitt Romney had better not cross them.

 From what I understand, 141 advertisers have advised that they do not want to have their product associated with Rush or any of the other right-wing nut bags any more.  I would wonder about their civic responsibility.  If those companies had any morals they would have put pressure on Limbaugh, and the stations who carry his venom, to tell the truth – a long time ago.  He appeals to the most ignorant in our society – those who are looking for a strong, authoritarian leader.  People who are searching for someone who will tell them what to believe.  How convenient, just listen to Rush (or Hannity, or Savage, or Beck) and they will tell you all you need to know.  These purveyors of fairytales and right-wing nonsense can say the most outrageous lies all they want, and they will be believed.  Leaving Rush and his fellow screwballs was the right move by those 141 companies — but it was much too slow, and they deserve no praise for it.

Our airways belong to the American people.  They are to be used by commercial broadcasting stations for the benefit of the American people.  When they are used to sow discord through dishonesty it would seem to me that it is time for the American people to act.  It was time a long time ago.  This country’s airwaves do not need the likes of Rush Limbaugh and his fellow prevaricators.


One comment on “The Tribulation of Rush Limbaugh

  1. Rush Limbaugh is a hate monger, a bigot, no doubt, but even somebody as bad as that has the right to speak his mind. And that is what makes America so unique., freedom of expression. A Rush Limbaugh would not be allowed in Germany for example. The nation that saw the rise of Nazism has laws today that silence hate mongers and bigots, but Germany is not America. As vile as Rush Limbaugh may be, at least in America we know where he stands. Rush Limbaugh represents the ugly side of the American family, but to silence his voice would not accomplish anything. It would just make him go underground.

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