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Hot Air from Fox News

According to an article that I read in the Washington Post on Tuesday, as gas prices go up, President Obama is losing some of his support.  Oddly he he has gotten some of his best support from FOX NEWS.  Here are some of their comments:

“No president has control over gas prices”

“Politicians cannot raise or lower gas prices”

“If we opened all the sites in the US that we know of to drilling it wouldn’t lower the price of oil very much.  All of our reserves do not amount to much in comparison with Saudi Arabia”.

“When you hear a politician say that he or she will bring down oil prices, understand that it is complete BS!”  — Bill O’Reilly

Goodness me, I strive for accuracy yet I forgot one thing:  The quotes were on Fox News by Fox News regulars (such as O’Reilly)  in 2008.  I don’t read minds very well but it just may be that the Fox hot air machine was trying to defend George W Bush — not Barack Obama.  Could that be?   Of course not.  They were just reporting the truth.  Let the chips fall where they may. As we know, Fox News is “Fair and Balanced”, or was it, “We report, you decide”.

So let’s look at the Fox chief hot air machine, Bill O’Reilly.  Recently on “The View” O’Reilly blamed high gas prices on President Obama.  One of the regulars, Joy Behr made the comment that, “Americans know that gas prices have nothing to do with Obama”.  O’Reilly countered, “I don’t know that”.

Well, from the above quotes, it would seem that he knew that in 2008.  He has quite a convenient memory – or is it that he is losing his memory?  I report, you decide.


Want more:  Tribune of the People  you will see an interesting article by the Cato Institute – a libertarian think tank founded by the Charles Koch Foundation.


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