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The Bible and Rush Limbaugh

I didn’t have many nice things to say about Rush Limbaugh the last time that I blogged about him.  There must be something nice.  I guess that he can claim to be a devout Christian and was just following his teachings.  There is precedent for this, you know.  In the Nuremberg trials in 1945 when Nazi leaders were being prosecuted for war crimes, one of the most common defenses was, “I was just following the teachings of Martin Luther.”  Indeed they were.  Basically, the Allies said, “Well, maybe you shouldn’t have”.

I guess we all know that Limbaugh’s “god” is spelled D-O-L-L-A-R-S.  However, let’s see, if he were following the god of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, does he have a case?  Does he have a right to demean women?  You and I would say. “NO”.  How does the bible feel about women?

In Genesis 19:30 to 38 we read the story of Lot impregnating his two daughters — a very unique take on “family values”.  In Exodus 20:17 a wife is defined as property – you know, like an iPad, or your Nikon Camera?  In Exodus 21:7-11 if you are short on cash and you have daughters, you use them as cash.  Just like your Master Card.  What a deal!  You drive to Home Depot, buy a few too many tools, so you simply leave a daughter or two as payment.

The mouthiest of your daughters – never leave home without her!

When answering census questions,  I hope you realize that if you answer questions regarding women in the house you are breaking god’s law.  In Numbers 1:2 it clearly states that the census is for men only.  That makes sense.  Women are property, remember?  Like, say, the socks in your dresser.  No one would come to the door and ask you how many socks are in your dresser drawer, why would they ask about women?  Are the census people some sort of perverts?  Makes no sense!

In Timothy 2:11-15 women must be silent in everything.  They must NOT be put in positions of authority.  Hmmm, no comment on that one.

Well, you get the idea.  If we have a person with these biblical views, then, looking at Limbaugh’s comments, they really shouldn’t seem that strange, or particularly bad, or bad at all.

Now, many consider the Bible to be divinely inspired.  Of course, as proof they site passages in the bible!!  That wouldn’t exactly hold up in a logic class.  Well, whatever.

If you do consider yourself a Christian, but you don’t believe in the above passages that I cited, then I would ask, “What makes you think you are a Christian?”  I guess that YOU defined yourself as one.  I never learned that the bible was sort of Pick-and-Choose game.  You believe in it, or you don’t.  If you just believe parts of it, well, then, I would say that you have created your own religion.

So then, to re-ask the question that I put forth up above, does Rush Limbaugh have a “god given” right to demean women if he is a “good Christian”?   Yes, absolutely.  The bible clearly gives him that right.

Should a civilized person accept such writings?  NO, absolutely.  The bible should have been relegated to the dustbin of history a long time ago.


One comment on “The Bible and Rush Limbaugh

  1. The Bible is SO full of contradictions and stupidity that to say it was inspired by God, is an insult to God.

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