Elizabeth Warren

After listening and watching Rick Santorum, one of the most dispicable presidential characters in some time — ranting about the “way things should be”, never seeing a country that he doesn’t want to bomb, never seeing a woman’s body that he didn’t want his laws all over, and ranting about lots of other things that he and his followers don’t seem to know anything about —  and the way that there are so many Americans eager to follow him, I was wondering a bit if it would ever be possible for a political candidate to simply express their views on religion, show proper respect for everyone else, and get on with the campaign.  Maybe there is still hope.

Take a look at this campaign flyer from Elizabeth Warren, running for Senator from Massachusetts:

A relative (thanks, Bill!)  sent me a political advert from Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.  Though I would prefer that religion stayed completely out of campaigning, notice the tasteful way that Elizabeth Warren handled it.  Notice particularly the second from last paragraph.  Now there is a decent person.  By the way, she did note that some of us are simply just celebrating “the start of spring“.   I don’t even know her, but I like her.

No, she is not a member of Gods Own Party.


2 comments on “Elizabeth Warren

  1. She has my support. If I lived in Massachusetts, she’d have my vote too.

  2. I do live in Massachusetts, and she has MY vote! –Laura

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