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You Stink at Photoshop

There is a series of videos that I once watched entitled, “You Stink at Photoshop”.  Photoshop is a tough program to master and most users,  including me, stink at photoshop.  These video shorts helped a little but I am still learning.

Well, I guess that I am not the only one who could use more lessons.  The above photo is of Patriarch Kirill I of the Russian Orthodox Church.  So, what is wrong with it?  First of all, take a good look.  Can you find it?  No?  Well, take a look at the Patriarch’s left wrist.  Look at the reflection in the table.  If you are up on your excessively expensive wrist watches, you might just see a $30,000 gold Breguet watch reflected in the polished table top.  See it now?

Russian bloggers are incensed with how extremely wealthy the Russian Orthodox Church with its ties to the Russian government has become.  With all the corruption in the Russian government you don’t often hear of the official church making any comment about it.  Now we see why.

WWJW — What would Jesus wear?

[Both pictures from the NY Times]


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