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Is Mitt Hiding Something?

Mr. Donald Trump, one of the most trusted men in America, has new evidence that we do have a constitutional crisis on our hands.  Our president was NOT born in the United States, was NOT born in Kenya but, in fact was born of penguin parents in Antarctica (one white and one black).  This is […]

The Value of War

Memorial Day 2012 has come and gone.  We have flown our flags, visited military cemeteries, and have done other things to show proper respect for those who lost their lives fighting America’s wars.  They deserve all that we can bestow.  Even more. Our leaders who led them into premature deaths, well, not so much.  In […]

Mike Monsoor, Congressional Medal of Honor

On April 6, 2008 Navy SEAL Mike Monsoor was posthumously awarded The Congressional Medal Of Honor by President George W. Bush.  Mike gave his life in Iraq in 2006. He jumped on, and covered with his body, a live hand grenade, saving the lives of a large group of his fellow Navy SEALs. During Mike […]

Mitt Romney and his version of “truth”

We’re all used to hearing politicians saying things that go from pushing the truth all the way to outrageous lies.  The Washington Post  does have a column, as do others, in which a comment is analyzed and rated as to how honest it is.  That is sad!  A statement, in my mind, is either honest […]

You Stink at Photoshop – Take 2

chinaSMACK is a daily-updated collection of news and content from the Chinese-language internet. These latest stories, pictures, videos, and topics have become very popular, spreading across China’s major BBS forums, social networking websites, or through email forwards sent between normal Chinese people everyday. It appears to me that the Chinese papers are quick to use photoshop […]

Things Republicans Do

Pennsylvania Republican, Representative Joe Pitts is on the House Foreign Affairs and Armed Services Committee.  He and his committee are responsible for making truly momentous decisions about the major trouble spots in the world — such as the Middle East.  It stands to reason that he is, or should be, expected to know something about […]

Universal Healthcare

A few days ago, the German web news magazine, der Spiegel ( had an interesting article on the attitude of Americans toward universal health coverage.  The magazine also question the attitude of a number of Americans toward President Obama.  Because of the health initiative, they call him a socialist or a communist. Universal Healthcare was […]