Even Jimmy Carter would have Done it

Lately the Republicans have been criticizing President Obama for taking credit for something that he indeed did do — give the order to take out Osama ben Laden.  President Obama actually did say when he was running for president that he would give such an order if the occasion arose.  He did it, and the world is a better place.

Now, at the time that he made the comment he was criticized by every Republican and many Democrats.  They said that Obama’s comment was a demonstration of naivety.  We would not want to infringe on the territorial integrity of our “good friends” the Pakistanis.  Mitt Romney, though he was not a candidate at the time, was highly critical of Obama for that comment.

Now Mr. Romney is saying that any president would have done the same,  “Even Jimmy Carter would have done it.”  It is hard for me to understand what it is that Romney was trying to prove with that statement.  Why, of all people did he bring up Jimmy Carter?  Jimmy Carter, if you will remember had some serious decisions of his own to make.  Remember, when he was president he had the Iranian hostage situation and had to find some way to get them out.  When his attempts at negotiations failed, he chose the military option.  It failed, and so did his presidency.  It had to have been a very tough decision.  He made the decision and when the rescue failed, he took full blame for it.

President Carter, by the way graduated the Naval Academy and gave 10 years of his life to service in the United States Navy.  In the Navy, he exhibited bravery of the highest order.

If you want to know more of Jimmy Carter’s bravery in the Navy, you can look up Chalk River Nuclear Reactor.  There was a meltdown and Carter lead a team to shut down the reactor.  This was extremely dangerous.  His experience at Chalk River prepared him well for a decision that he had to make as president.  When the disaster at 3-mile island happened, he quickly ordered an evacuation which resulted in NO ONE getting radiation poisoning.  There are probably a lot of residents and former residents of the 3-mile island area who owe the fact that they DO NOT have cancer, and lead normal lives to the quick decisions of President Carter.

Now, let’s look at the contributions of Mr. Romney.  The total time that Romney (and sons) gave to their country was, well, allowing for rounding errors, about ZERO.  OK, to give the benefit of a doubt,   Mr. Romney bravely spent his youth in France as a missionary.  Tough life!

Now, brave Mr. Romney wants to go to war against Iran.  None of his sons will be at risk.  Has he already forgotten Iraq and Afghanistan?  We have lots of military equipment that has been horribly beat up — as well as a lot of our finest young people who will never be the same again and he wants to lead them into another war?

Romney was running a campaign against arguably some of the dumbest people on two legs — a real teaching moment for our country.  What did he do?  He tried everything possible to show that he was equally not up to the task of being president.  He did everything possible to show that he, too, gets a real charge when people without health coverage die because they didn’t have enough money.  He promised that when he becomes president there will be even more people without coverage.  Lucky us!

Brave Mitt Romney, and the Republicans in general, seem to want to follow in the footsteps of Herbert Hoover in handling our current recession.  Hoover, for all his good works (and he did many) is regarded as a failure.

The Republican mantra,  “Well, maybe it will work this time,” is absolutely idiocy.  Hopefully, even with all his wealth, Mr. Romney will not be able to buy the presidency.

No, Mr. Romney, there is no way that you can convince me that you would have made the same decision that President Obama made — or for that matter the decisions that President Carter had to make.  You, sir, simply don’t measure up!


2 comments on “Even Jimmy Carter would have Done it

  1. Of course Mitt Romney would have made a decision to kill bin Laden, right after bin Laden would have died of old age.

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