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Republican Dick Lugar, an American Patriot

For the 99.999% of us in this world who are not Steve Jobs and have none of his DNA, we have learned from kindergarden onward that to get things done, you must be willing to compromise, to listen to the other side, and give serious consideration to what was said.

I believe that there are few in the US congress who had done it better than the Republican Senator from Indiana, Richard Luger.  He has made it his life work to build a Democratic-Republican consensus to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of bad actors.  For the most part, he was very successful.

He has been the leading Republican on foreign policy.  Though he has much to his credit, the achievement for which he will always be remembered was the Nunn-Luger act which has removed thousands of nuclear warheads once aimed at the United States.  The world should be forever grateful for what Democratic Senator Sam Nunn, and Republican Senator Richard Lugar did.

The state of Indiana should be proud of one of their own.  But wait, The Tea Party, an organization heavily financed by a number of right-wing zealots are not happy that Lugar has cooperated with “the enemy”.  Who is/was  “the enemy”?  Was it the Soviets, Osama ben Laden, terrorists in general.  No, it was something more sinister than that.  It was the half of the population of the United States who called themselves Democrats!  Luger sinned!  He cooperated with his fellow Americans!  The shame of it all.

Well, the 1% are out to make things right.  In Indiana, they are sponsoring a man by the name of Richard Mourdock, a man who’s loyalty is unquestioned.  His loyalty is to Rupert Murdoch, and to David and Charles Koch.  He has boasted that as the Indiana State Treasurer, he has refused to work with Democrats.  He says that, “It is time for confrontation”.  What does he think THAT will get us?  What does he think has been happening in congress for the past few years?  Do we need more of these lunkheads.  Needless to say, in addition to the vast sums of money he has been getting, he is being supported by Palin, Bachmann, Norquist, and a bunch of other Republican losers and misfits.

The primary election in Indiana is on Tuesday.  It would be a breath of fresh air if the people of Indiana would stand up to the 1% and, instead, do the right thing.  Let’s all hope they put country ahead of party.

[For more: Targeting Dick Lugar ]


One comment on “Republican Dick Lugar, an American Patriot

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