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American Justice

I read an interesting article in the May 1 New York TImes.  Well, it was interesting to me but, apparently not many others.  I guess that I see why.  It was simply an example of the government doing what it does — and doing it very well, as it does most of the time.  That really isn’t news, is it?

What happened?  An American citizen was convicted of terrorism after a two week trial.  This American, Adis Medunjanin, a naturalized citizen went to Pakistan with two friends to fight American troops in Afghanistan.  They were, instead, recruited by Al Qaeda and were sent back to the US to carry out acts of terrorism.

As a result of good intelligence work, they were picked up by the FBI before they could do any damage.  As the blogger Steve Benen put it:  “This wasn’t a hypothetical or aspirational threat — the men had already assembled the bomb components, chosen their targets, and planned to detonate them in New York’s subway system during rush hour just days before they were taken into custody. Law enforcement officials concede it was the most serious threat that Americans faced in years.”

After a 2-week trial, the jurors deliberated about a day and found Mr Medunjanin guilty.  He faces life in prison at his Sept.7 sentencing.  The people who testified against him were the two that he went to Pakistan with — probably in the hopes of getting a more lenient sentence.  They were “turned” by good interrogation work — not torture.

These people were caught by Obama administration officials not through illegal torture, not through illegal wiretaps, but through very legal intelligence operations.  They were represented by attorneys in a civilian court — not a military commission.  The legal system worked exactly as it was designed to.

Terrorism is and always has been a law enforcement issue.  The rest of the world – the Europeans, Israelis, Chinese, etc., have recognized this a long time ago.  It is not a job for the military.  We gain nothing by using the most powerful military in the world to attack an enemy who has barely emerged from the bronze age.  Good intelligence mixed in with good police work will win the day.

So, these three misfits will be locked up in an American prison.  What is keeping the Republicans such as Giuliani, Romney, Fox News, as well as those from the idiot wing — Bachmann, Palin, Santorum, Cain, etc., so quiet?  My guess is that the American system that they have such contempt for, worked.  That, they cannot stand.  It simply doesn’t fit in with their myopic world view.


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