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National Health Care

We have heard so much from Republican candidates about health care and how bad “Romneycare” in Massachusetts is.  Some of us (well, Republicans, anyway) probably believe it.  WBUR the NPR station in Massachusetts took a poll to see how the people of Massachusetts liked “Romneycare”.  It turns out that, in spite of what Republicans say, 62% of those polled said that they supported the law.  Think about that! there has been a version of “Obamacare” in operation for 6 years in Massachusetts, and 2 out of every three support it!  That is what Republicans call an abject failure!  I would say that the Republicans are the abject failure.

Now, Republican Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts really has a problem.  He is popular in Massachusetts but his position on health care is confusing.  He wants to keep the state law but do away with the national law.  Why, because the Tea Party will get him if he doesn’t toe the line.  Haven’t we Americans had enough of the Tea Party yet?  In order to preserve the wealth of Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers, we are destroying our country!

Romney/Obama Care goes a long way to assure that people who cannot afford coverage will not die simply because they are poor.  To me, that was Job 1.  If we are going to call ourselves a civilized nation we can’t let wealth be the determining factor as to whether a person lives or dies.

The bad news: From what I have read, Romney/Obama Care does not do enough to control costs.  The system is a start, and that is all it is.  Policies will have to be put in place to control costs.  This country has suffered through the rants and raves of numerous right and left wing parties throughout its history.  Before the final demise of these parties they have been able to elect people who really disgraced our country.  Hopefully, before long enough Americans will overcome the selfishness and ignorance of the Tea Party and the political parties will begin to cooperate with each other again.

I truly believe that, after we have tried everything else, we will do the right thing.


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