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You Stink at Photoshop – Take 2

chinaSMACK is a daily-updated collection of news and content from the Chinese-language internet. These latest stories, pictures, videos, and topics have become very popular, spreading across China’s major BBS forums, social networking websites, or through email forwards sent between normal Chinese people everyday.

It appears to me that the Chinese papers are quick to use photoshop in their “news” stories but the editors don’t seem to be very capable in determining when a photoshopped picture looks any good.  Take a look at the photo below.  Does something look not quite right?

According to the story, these three Chinese officials are inspecting a recently-repaired road and praising the good quality.  The quality of the road does look fine in this picture but look at the quality of the three gentlemen.  Look at their feet.  There is no shadow.  The men appear to be floating.  Try this yourself.  Take a picture of a person (or, really, of anything).  If there is light, you will always have a shadow.

The picture received a lot of comments (all negative) but that didn’t seem to hold any weight with the editors.  Here is another:

Really, all five of the men have been photoshopped into place.  I won’t go into a lengthy description except to point out the problem with the man on the left.  Obviously, he is floating again.


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