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What is YOUR affiliation?

 Ages ago I considered myself a Republican.  The Democrats had, by far, the majority in congress, but it seemed that the Republicans always had the better leaders.  I am not going to go into any sort of analysis, but that is how I felt at the time.

What is a Republican and what is a Democrat?  Well, I probably never could provide a definition that would be acceptable to all but my working definition was that the  Republicans were more interested in finding solutions to problems without always coming to the conclusion that by just throwing money at the problem, it would go away.  The most important thing was that both parties were interested in finding solutions for America’s problems.  Certainly at election time both sides played political games.  There was also plenty of mud slinging.  But when the voting was over, both sides seemed to play together pretty well.

Obviously, we have changed — and not for the better.  The stress now, is not Republican vs. Democrat anymore.  Now, it is Conservative vs. Liberal.  So, what is the definition of the two, and which am I?  Which are you?  As usual, it depends!  My last blog on Targeted Killings makes me a conservative, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, after following the metamorphosis of our political parties since the time of President Reagan, my definition of the Conservative/Liberal label is:

You are a Liberal if, before trying to figure a solution to a problem, you attempt to understand the problem.  Understanding the problem is VERY important.

 You are a Conservative if you are quick to provide a solution to the problem.  Understanding the problem is totally irrelevant.  Willful ignorance is what a Conservative is all about.

By MY definition, I am a Liberal.  Now and always!

I once read that in the universities people who classified themselves as “Liberals” outnumbered those who classified themselves as “Conservatives” by 7 to 1.  Should that be a surprise?  I would have expected it to be much higher than that — maybe 15 to 1 or more.

What concerns me is that so many Americans call themselves “Conservative”, especially in the South and Mid-West.  To me, they sound much like the conservatives in the Middle East.  If that is truly the case, I would suggest that progress with our problems is simply out of the question.  For so many people the solution (no matter what the problem) is the Quran,  if you are in the Middle East,  or the Bible,  if you are an American.

Historians had a name for the last time that a Holy Book was accepted as the authority on everything.  They called it the “Dark Ages”.


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