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Mitt Romney, 45th President of the US?

It is very clear that Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate for the 45th President of the United States.  During the primaries, it seemed clear that he was probably not going to be able to beat President Obama.  Now, that the primaries are over, Mitt’s popularity has been rising.   What happened?

As I see it, during the primaries Mitt had to get down to the level of idiocy of Santorum, Bachmann, and Cain.  He had to sound as uninformed and moronic as the extreme right wing of the Republican party.  If you are going to get their votes, unfortunately you are going to have to try to be one of them.  Not a very pleasant task!

Romney succeeded in this slimy task.  Now, he is slowly pulling himself away from some of the most ignorant, stupid, incompetent, unbalanced, misinformed people that this country has ever produced, and is trying to get closer to the mainstream.  The mainstream is probably where he always belonged, but as a primary candidate, the most important thing was to show that he was an absolute right-wing ideologue and as clueless as they were.  According to what he has said in the primaries, he was willing to let the country go into bankruptcy, was willing to cut spending to throw more people out of work, lower the taxes on the rich even more, invade a country or two that he doesn’t like, and, well, the drum beat of idiocy goes on and on.

Further, he has been on both sides of the abortion issue as well as a number of others.  He is going to have to get straight in his own mind where he stands.  Illegal immigrants should be given a pathway to citizenship (3/30/06).  No special pathway (5/22/07).  Romney would not take a position on Bush’s tax cut (4/11/03).  Romney says he supported it all the way (2/4/07).  He owns a gun, he doesn’t own a gun.  Global warming debate is over.  Global warming debate is still undecided.  Gays in the military?  Same sex marriage?  For stem cell research — wants to criminalize it.  Signed a bill  requiring all Massachusetts residents to purchase health insurance.  He is now its biggest critic.  It goes on and on.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/14-bald-faced-mitt-romney-flip-flops-that-were-dug-up-by-john-mccain-2012-1#11-his-own-health-care-initiative-hes-not-sure-about-that-either-11#ixzz1wvd2xh1o

 Now, as far as his track record goes, we all probably know more about Bain Capital than we ever thought we would in our lifetime.  They were very successful and a lot of it was due to Mitt Romney.  Capitalism can be very nasty but, as far as we know, Mitt worked within the law and made lots of money for himself and the shareholders.  He created jobs and he fired people.  Life goes on.

When Mitt was Governor of Massachusetts his administration showed a notable lack of ability in creating jobs but they helped his state in putting together a healthcare plan that, years later, seems to be very well liked by the people of Massachusetts.  He deserves a lot of credit for that.

Interestingly, a few days ago Mitt gave a speech criticizing President Obama for backing failed Solyndra.  Days later, Konarka Technologies, a solar company that Mitt backed with taxpayer dollars when he was governor of Massachusetts went out of business.

The idea of government help for Solyndra was first advanced during the Bush administration.  The Romney camp claims that the loan approval for Konarka happened before Romney became Governor of Mass.

Romney has said a lot of things during the primary season but looking at his past record it would seem to me that he would be a president very similar to Barack Obama.  He will try to govern from the middle.  That is not so bad.  Unfortunately for Mitt, if he becomes President, he is going to have to face the “Tea Party” in Congress.  They have proudly put their ignorance and stupidity on display many times.  Other than the 1% that is financing them they clearly don’t care about this country or its people.  They are all about ideology.  Make the government smaller.  No taxes.  If people are thrown out of work, so be it, and so what! They are not going to help a President Romney govern any more that they have been helping President Obama govern — unless the next president is willing to give in to them.  That truly would be a disaster.

I believe that whoever wins, we are going to be in for four very long years of nothing getting done.  I hope I am wrong.


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