The Scott Walker Recall Vote

So Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has survived the recall vote.  I have never written about him because I am not so sure what to think about the whole thing.  Certainly he was smeared with much mud as were the Democrats trying to push him out of office.

Recalls are serious business.  To me, a recall should be done under only the most extreme circumstances.  For example, suddenly discovering that the elected official is a criminal.  The Democrats might not like Walker, but he is certainly not a criminal.  The changes that he proposed were properly voted upon and passed.  Hopefully, this country will not degenerate to the point that recalls are too easy to have, so every time the elected official does something that I might not like, I can have a recall.  That is a great way to paralyze a government.  We can’t have this!  The man (Walker) was elected to do his job.  Give him the time to do it, and if things don’t work out, well, then, vote for someone else.

OK, so I am fine with the recall failing, but lets look at what happened:  The group that wanted him ousted — mostly the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees —  spend $18 million dollars to do it, and failed.  The governor and his supporters spent $47 million dollars.  A lot of money was spent. This disturbs me.  Suppose that both sides had the same amount of money to spend.  Would the outcome still have been the same?

Further, as far as I can tell, the most visible part of the union in this campaign were the teachers.  I have a problem with the teacher’s union.  I look at the educational achievements of our American students and I am appalled.  Something is wrong.  I certainly want the teachers to have a living wage, a wage that is high enough so that they don’t have to hold two jobs to make ends meet, and they can live in the community where they teach, but I can’t help but believe that the unions have made it very tough to get rid of bad teachers and they have implemented so many non-sensical work rules that the good teachers cannot do their job.

Now, whether my stereotype of the teacher’s union is right, I would bet that there are many with the same views.  I can see the average Wisconsin voter looking at Scott Walker and thinking that, at last, we have someone who is willing to stand up to the teachers unions.  More power to him!


3 comments on “The Scott Walker Recall Vote

  1. One of your most astute posts to date! Congrats!

  2. OK, you got me. This is your first astute post. 🙂

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