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Mitt in the Promised Land

So, it would appear to me that Mitt has breezed through “the promised land” without much trouble —  for now.  Unfortunately, there were some implied promises.  He let the Israelis know that, if elected, he will be Netanyahu’s puppy dog.  Israel can do whatever they want (steal more land on the west bank, bomb Iran) […]

Mitt’s Gold Medal

So it would appear that Mitt Romney did not take my advise and come home immediately.  So be it.  His next stop is Israel where it is almost a sure thing that he will get a better reception than England.  He, actually, did get a good reception in England but he immediately opened his mouth […]

Mitt and the Brits

At one time I thought that I was OK with Mitt Romney becoming the next president of the US — if that is what the people wanted.  It wouldn’t have been what I wanted.  The more I see and hear of him, the more frightened I become. For those of you who saw Evita, do […]

Gods and Guns

I guess that it has been decided that the shooter in Aurora Colorado had no terrorist links.  Why?  Well, that is easy.  He is snowy white and he is a Christian. The “experts” in these matters have pontificated.  Rev. Flip Benham of “Operation Save America” had the following to say: “This is what has happened […]

The Aurora, Colorado Shooting

So what would our politicians have us do?  Do we all have to “pack heat” to get a box of Skittles or go to a movie?  Should we wear body armor?  As bad as we think our politicians are, they might be even worse. The shooting in the Colorado theater evoked this comment from US […]

John McCain, Hero

John McCain has always been one of my favorite politicians.  He always seemed to me to be a straight shooter.  Even though I did not vote for him in 2008, and I certainly did not like his choice for Vice President, I always respected him.  Well, maybe not during the past 4 years. I was […]

Choosing Our Next President

So, if you are interested in national politics and you want Mitt Romney to be the next president, the question you must ask yourself is, “What would my country gain if Mitt became the next president?”  The problem is that with Mitt being on both sides of almost every issue it is really tough to […]