Choosing Our Next President

So, if you are interested in national politics and you want Mitt Romney to be the next president, the question you must ask yourself is, “What would my country gain if Mitt became the next president?”  The problem is that with Mitt being on both sides of almost every issue it is really tough to tell.  The best we can do is judge him by the company he keeps.

The Daily Kos had an interesting comment.  They pointed out that out of Romney’s 24 special advisors on foreign policy, 17 served in the Bush-Cheney administration.  Seventeen out of twenty-four.  Think about that!  If Romney were to win, it is likely that many of these people would serve in a Romney administration.  We could have a rerun of the George W. Bush administration!  Lucky us.  Romney may be sharper than George W. Bush but it doesn’t always show.  He still talks in the present tense about the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.  There is no Soviet Union (formally dissolved in December 1991) and no Czechoslovakia (on January 1, 1993 it peacefully split into the Czech Republic, and Slovakia).  It would seem that with all those hot shot advisors, someone might have noticed that.  Well, maybe they get their advice from Sarah Palin,  and don’t pay attention to the “lame stream” media.

Right now, Mitt is having some issues about when he was or was not the CEO of Bain.  I am trying to understand the ramifications and how big an issue this really is.  As of today (Sunday) the Washington Post doesn’t think it to be a big issue.  All I have noticed so far is Mitt continually asking President Obama to stop trying to smear him  and start talking about the issues .  Goodness, he doesn’t want to be “Swift Boated”.  Well, I think that is a good idea but I don’t understand why Mitt, himself, doesn’t talk about the issues and, maybe, provide some new ideas.  Mitt could just ignore the smear ads and talk about how he would end our national misery.  Is it possible that he doesn’t have any ideas????

I would say that the biggest issue that Mitt faces right now is his tax returns.  They might be a bit embarrassing.  If Mitt Romney were to release his returns we probably would find out that he has participated in some of the most sophisticated and imaginative tax avoidance schemes that our country has ever seen.  Questionable?  Probably so.  Dishonest? Maybe.  Outrageous?  Better believe it!  The reason that he would be able to get away with all this was because funding for the IRS enforcement division was severely cut every year during all eight years of the George W Bush administration.  The enforcement division has been practically destroyed, which is exactly what the Republicans intended.  This allows very wealthy individuals like Mitt Romney to develop some sophisticated tax avoidance schemes with the knowledge that the IRS was not even going to try to question them.  They simply don’t have the resources.  It helps the 1% like Romney, and super rich corporations  like Apple to keep billions of profit from being taxed.  All of this causes a rise in the deficit.  According to the Republican theology, as long as the super rich “job creators”  and corporations can milk this country for all it is worth, well, all is good!  By the way, I would guess that the Chinese are overjoyed with our tax system.

We are now at the point that business magazines (not known to be friends of the Democrats) are speculating as to what Mitt Romney is trying to hide.  Things in this area are looking worse and worse for him.  He is going to have to do something and it best be quick!

According to Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland, in 2008 John McCain saw 23 years of Romney’s tax returns — and then picked Sarah Palin!

Though we don’t know what a President Romney will do once elected, anything that the president wants to do requires the cooperation of congress.  It is not clear to me that any proposal on the part of any president is going to get any sort of hearing in the House of Representatives.  These are the people who were willing to let the United States go into default.  Pretty sick!  By the way, speaking of “sick”, the House of Representatives has just voted again on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare/Romneycare).  This was the 33rd time.  Isn’t there some sort of limit after which we can declare them legally insane, seal the doors, and let them continue to vote on the same issue if they want to?  Treating them as if they were sane and had something to contribute to our nation is not the wisest use of our tax money!

Actually, speaking about insane:  Mitt Romney HAS STRONGLY SUPPORTED THE FOLLOWING:

 LGBTQ Equality
“Don’t ask, don’t tell”
Woman’s Right to Choose
Anti-Tax Pledges
Individual Mandate
Assault Weapons Ban
Belief in Global Warming
Carbon Emissions Limit
Bush Tax Cuts
Pathway to Citizenship
Stem Cell Research
Campaign Finance Reform
Capital Gains Tax
Roe v. Wade
Raising the Minimum Wage
TARP Bailouts
Detroit Automotive Bailouts

HE HAS ALSO COME OUT IN OPPOSITION TO ALL OF THE ABOVE!  Is that what you call a split personality?

Washington Post
Tribune of the People


2 comments on “Choosing Our Next President

  1. Ron, you wrote “So, if you are interested in national politics and you want Mitt Romney to be the next president, the question you must ask yourself is, “What would my country gain if Mitt became the next president?” The problem is that with Mitt being on both sides of almost every issue it is really tough to tell. The best we can do is judge him by the company he keeps.”

    Lets apply the same principle to Barack Hussein Obama, and judge him by the company he keeps.


    We already know how he is leading the county. The blind faith the left has in President Obama is terrifying. There are volumes of information, still emerging, about who this man is, what he believes in, and where he is pushing this country.

    His stranglehold on the economy and the push he’s making to make as many of the country’s less fortunate completely dependent on his “government” is killing America’s spirit, and crippling the nation in regards to growth and greatness. We have witnessed how his ill conceived policies and appointments have worked in the thee plus years he’s been in office. The economy is now his, not Bush’s.

    If he gets another term, America will no longer be the great nation she should be, nor will she probably ever recover.

  2. Roy, As you mentioned, there are volumes of information still emerging about “who this man is”. I would agree with that but you need to understand that when it is coming from the Republican brain trust (Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbough, Fox News, etc.), you really should verify the info. In any case, this is a free country and you are free to believe what you want. Or, as David Frum — a former Bush speech writer — so well put it, you can continue to live in your parallel universe.

    You spoke of ill conceived policies. I am trying to figure what you are talking about. The right wing has done a good job of making sure that nothing gets put into action. They have effectively vetoed everything. In areas that he did not need the approval of congress he actually did pretty well. He stepped up the use of drones in Pakistan and of course the killing of Ben Laden.

    The economy remains the property of the Republicans, and by the way, it is doing what they want it to do. The rich are getting richer at the expense of all of the rest of us.

    You said something about the less fortunate being dependent on the government and that is killing America’s spirit. I would be very happy with a little less spirit and a little more favorable outcomes in hospitals. This isn’t the wild west.

    I think that it will take many years before the US and the rest of the world recovers from this. Thank you President Bush and American Republican Party.

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