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The Aurora, Colorado Shooting

So what would our politicians have us do?  Do we all have to “pack heat” to get a box of Skittles or go to a movie?  Should we wear body armor?  As bad as we think our politicians are, they might be even worse.

The shooting in the Colorado theater evoked this comment from US Congressman Louie Gohmert, Republican from Texas.  He wondered out loud why more Coloradans weren’t carrying pistols in the theater.  Someone should have “taken out” the shooter before he could have hurt and killed so many.  Yes, that is just what we need, Mr. Gohmert, a gunfight in a crowded theater — an innocent theater goer with a pistol vs. a killer with an M16 and bullet-proof vest.  He then went on to suggest that this killing was the result of the erosion of Judeo-Christian beliefs in America.  Unfortunately, Gohmert seems to have it a bit wrong.  In countries where religion is not a big issue, and almost nonexistent , they don’t have periodic mass killings like we have in the states, yet, we are clearly the most church-going population in the industrialized world.

Yes, I remember the shooting in Norway. but in a fairly short period of time, we have had Columbine, Arizona, Virginia Tech, and now Aurora.

This shooter was carrying a M16 assault rifle among other equipment.  Why on earth does anyone outside of the military need such a lethal weapon?  Isn’t it about time that our political leaders stood up to the NRA?

Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell spoke out against our cowardly politicians.  He said, ”the NRA’s power is over inflated. I was for gun control from the day that I ran for office in Pennsylvania. We have the second highest number of NRA members of any state in the union behind only Texas, and I won three statewide elections by ten percent, twelve percent, and twenty one percent margins,”

He went on, “Number one, no citizen should be allowed to have an assault rifle. That’s clear. No hunter needs it. No citizen needs it to protect their home. Citizens are allowed to have firearms, shotguns, no assault weapons. Number two, we ought to limit the number of bullets that are allowed to be sold in a clip that goes into an automatic or semiautomatic weapon. Had we done that in Loughner’s (the Arizona shooting) case and he had to reload two times, people’s lives would have been saved, and people would have been saved from serious bodily injury. And we need leadership, and we need someone to say enough is enough.”

70 people were shot within minutes.  This would not have been possible with a hand gun.  It was only possible because the shooter had an M16.  We had an assault weapons ban that was signed by President Clinton.  Under President Bush, it was allowed to expire.

I guess it can be said that we have some of the best politicians that the NRA can buy.


One comment on “The Aurora, Colorado Shooting

  1. America has become a country of extremes with too much of everything. We have too much wealth, too much poverty, too much violence, too many guns on the streets, drugs everywhere, and freedom without boundaries. You name it and America has it and has it in excess. Those watching the movie, as sad as the outcome was, were seeing the extreme thrill of never ending action and adrenaline short. In short, America has lost the sensible middle ground.

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