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Gods and Guns

I guess that it has been decided that the shooter in Aurora Colorado had no terrorist links.  Why?  Well, that is easy.  He is snowy white and he is a Christian.

The “experts” in these matters have pontificated.  Rev. Flip Benham of “Operation Save America” had the following to say: “This is what has happened to our country when we remove God from the equation. We have stolen the fear of God from our children. Violence always fills the void. This is the spawn of the ideology of the Democratic Party and now we look at each other in awkward amazement, wondering “what in the world just happened?” The answer is we have stolen God from the hearts of our children.

Jerry Newcombe of “Truth in Action Ministries” said that he blames the shooting on a waining fear of God and Hell, and blamed the American Civil Liberties Union for destroying the public school system by supposedly forbidding students from reading the Bible. “You wonder why all these terrible things are happening to us when there is no fear of God,” Newcombe said.

Sorry Mr. Newcombe and Rev. Benham but from what we have read so far, the shooter was a regular at his church and had very much of a Christian upbringing.

Another religious zealot, Bryan Fischer blames the removal of the 10 commandments and prayer from our public schools.

Well, you get the idea, it goes on and on and gets sicker and sicker, another religious writer blames our lack of fear of hell.  Another one firmly blames the Democratic National Committee.  Another blames abortions and God’s rage that they are happening.  Everyone has their own agenda.

I felt that the most original was Evangelist Greg Stier who was quoted in the Christian Post.  He got down to the real nitty gritty and named Adam (husband of Eve) as being the culprit.

Some of the “wise men” that I quoted blamed the lack of prayer in the public schools, the lack of the 10-commandments on the school house wall, the Democrats, etc.  No one thought to cast some question on the idea that it is perfectly legal and easy to buy any kind of gun(s), body armor, and as much ammunition as you want.

Are we NUTS?  I guess we all know the answer to that one, don’t we?


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