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Mitt’s Gold Medal

So it would appear that Mitt Romney did not take my advise and come home immediately.  So be it.  His next stop is Israel where it is almost a sure thing that he will get a better reception than England.  He, actually, did get a good reception in England but he immediately opened his mouth and started spewing idiocy.  Silly Mitt, he probably thought that all Brits were Republicans.

In a gesture of good will, the British Olympic Committee has awarded Mitt the gold medal for being on both sides of an issue more times than any political figure in world history.  The agility of this 62-year-old was nothing short of incredible.    When he came up to receive the medal, the band struck up the Star Spangled Banner, but Mitt sang “Money, Money, Money” by Abba, because that is the only song he knows.

So, next stop, Israel.  There was some speculation as to what all those large boxes were that Mitt had put on the plane.  It turns out that it was The Book of Mormon.  At this point it is not clear if he will be speaking with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, or simply going to the Western Wall and leaving a stack, and then possibly, knocking on a few doors to give the Good News of Joseph Smith and the rise of Mormonism.  I am sure that the Israelis and Arabs in Jerusalem will be very interested.

 Well, it doesn’t matter.  The Israelis are well adapted in ignoring American leaders and doing whatever they want.  They know full well that between the Orthodox Jews and Evangelical Christians in the US they can get away with anything.  Mitt is their kind of guy!  He sounds now like he would have no problem committing US troops to help the Israelis deal with Iran.  That is all that the Israelis require.

By the way, while Mitt is over there, he might want to look at the Israeli banking industry.  They are getting through this global recession a lot better than most of the industrialized world.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Israel has a Socialistic economy or that the banks are heavily regulated?  Just asking.

Interestingly, Mitt is holding a fund raiser in Israel.  Sounds strange?  Well, not so strange.  A large number of the Orthodox settlers in the West Bank are Americans.  If you are an American and choose to go to some foreign country and establish residence you can do so, even to the point of becoming a citizen.  You do not have to officially renounce your American citizenship.  Hence, there are a lot of Americans in Israel who, in many cases, are well off and will probably contribute a handsome amount of money to the Romney campaign — and they will vote by absentee ballot, as well.  Statistically, though most American Jews (by a large margin) support President Obama, the numbers are quite different among Orthodox Jews in Israel.


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