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Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice is one of those people who I would like to spend some time with her to pick her brain.  She is a very smart lady and has been through so much.  As a child, she was brave enough to attend a formerly segregated school.  She has been a professor at Stanford, served on […]

Comments about the Republican Convention

I watched a little of the Republican convention on Tuesday evening — enough to see some of Ann Romney’s speech. The thing about Ann Romney’s speech was that it seemed to me to be very genuine. She talked about her husband as well as her kids and her health problems. She is clearly proud of […]

Judge Tom Head

PLEASE NOTE:  I HAD SOME PROBLEMS WITH WORDPRESS.  SOME OF MY SUBSCRIBERS MAY HAVE RECEIVED THIS TWICE.  PLEASE EXCUSE. Good grief, I missed another one! In my August 22 blog, I wrote about Representative Tom Aiken of Missouri and his unique take on Female biology. After I realized that this was just a Republican saying […]

Jesus and the Paralytic thru a Republican’s Eyes

Now that the Republicans are having their convention in Florida, it is probably a good time for some of us to try to understand them.  They are, after all, our brothers and sisters — our dimwitted brothers and sisters.  As a starting point I would like to present you with the benefits of my research. […]

Spanish Fresco

I suppose that we all know about the elderly parishioner in Spain who attempted to restore a deteriorating fresco of Jesus. Well, as the story goes (a TRUE story, by the way) she attempted to restore it but, at first, people felt that there was a bit of a problem. Now, people who saw this […]

Shocking Developments

I am shocked, shocked I tell you.  Is it possible that there are some adults in the Republican party?  Unless you have been on the moon for the past few days, you know about the Representative Akin comment on rape and pregnancy.  On Sunday, Akin said that a woman’s body is capable of preventing pregnancy […]

After the Election…

Clearly nothing is going to get done before the election in November.  What do you think ought to be high on the agenda of the next president and congress?  Well, certainly jobs and making sure that the banks can’t do to us what they did in 2008. For jobs I think that the way that […]